Well, at least I didn’t waste my time

Want to know where I stopped reading this interview?

RPS: You dedicated a lot of the presentation to discussing how solo quests can affect the world – for instance, by putting a horde of restless ghost baddies to rest. Is the goal of Elder Scrolls Online to more or less make the player feel like the hero of a single-player RPG?

Paul Sage: Absolutely.

Right there. The end. Crossed off my list of even-giving-a-thought. It is amazing how a single player game that does SO many things right, can fail on such a big level in the transition. This shit ain’t easy, not going to say it is. But its not that difficult to see the giant flashing light bulbs that are warning of a fail-cascade up ahead either.

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3 Responses to Well, at least I didn’t waste my time

  1. It is kind of funny, I was listening to an old Massively Online Gamer podcast over the weekend. It was recorded just after Tabula Rasa went live. And one of the news items that Gary mentioned was Zenimax registering the domain elderscrollsonline.com. That was nearly five years ago. I wonder what they have been doing for all this time?

    Oh, and the other amusing news items was that Warhammer Online was being officially moved out to Q2, 2008.

    This is why I go back and listen to these things once in a while. They are more amusing when you know how the story turns out.

  2. Mr. Meh says:

    Haha. Very amusin.

  3. SlothBear says:

    “Elder Scrolls” and “MMO” are antonyms and that just sort of proves it right there.

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