Movin’ on up

If you followed my link yesterday and read more than just the reply at Syncaine‘s site, you’ll see that INQ-E is moving into a new wormhole, with a new alliance, with what is supposed to be stupid profit potential. I was not trying to come out and talk about it yesterday, as I have some crazy security fear holding me back most of the time. I should know better considering the CEO is a blogger (extrovert) and another highly active member is also a blogger at KTR (Cyndre).

Syn detailed out a lot of what this means in general, and I’m pretty excited about, and a bit curious. Classes start again for me on June 11th. That’s real soon, and not the Soon™ gamers are used to dealing with. No, this is the measured in days and nearly hours soon of real life. What that means for my free time is that it will be crushed to a pulp, waking up at 5am getting home at 8:30-9:00pm for the remainder of the summer. So, I’m  happy I’ll be able to still move in, and participate on my own time without feeling like a mooch as I would have in our commune in the C3. Now, I get paid for what I do, as little or as much as I can. Which alleviates any feelings of regret or resentment amidst the corp members.

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One Response to Movin’ on up

  1. Cyndre says:

    I asked Pell about the blogging, and he said as long as I waitied until after sensitive operations were concluded, there was no issue with blogging about it.

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