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Dust, Wormholes, and Inferno

A good chunk of my game-time these last couple weekends has been spent “testing” Dust514, and by testing, I mean playing. The NDA is pretty strict, so I’m just going to tell you that. I’ve been playing it.

Whenever I possibly can.

As for EVE, wormhole life has been chugging along at a good pace. It has allowed me to be fairly casual in my approach to gameplay, which surprises me. I’m able to just log into the game and update my PI stuff on nights I don’t have a lot of time (for whatever reason), and in actuality, we have enough competent people, that it has felt almost like a dearth of activity unless you are able to be on for a fleet op. Like Cyndre said though, there’s a sense of us having stretched the current life to its fullest. We’ve hit a groove, and have been digging it in pretty well. The question of where we go from here and how soon is an ever-present query. I expect good things, and soon.

EVE Inferno related news is that the recent patch (1.06) hit. EVE expansions are an interesting beast, in that there’s rarely an immediate effect that has instant impact on your game life. Instead of recreating the world like traditional themepark games, whether by obseletion of the old or actual revamp of the existing, EVE expansions merely redefine and add greater depth to the existing. The Inferno expansion overall is probably one of the more impactful, in that it had a direct effect on industrialists and drone space that could be felt pretty quickly by most.

I just re-looked at my title, and realized people may think I only wanted to talk about EVE. That wasn’t the intent, but I find it humorous that two games I’m taking part in, both have the word Inferno as a prominent current inclusion. I wanted to just mention that I hit level 60 with my Monk in Diablo 3 and made my way into Inferno difficulty. Which is ridiculous, what-the-fuck, hard. Normal was a breeze, Nightmare was still pretty simple but had some challenges, Hell was genuinely difficult, and Inferno just kicked my ass up and down the street for the couple of hours time I gave it. The rewards had better be fantastic to warrant the level of masochistic tendencies required to stay in it. I’m still on the fence on whether to stick with the Monk to at least get the items I need to finish upgrading my Jeweler and Blacksmith, or to just move onto a possibly more forgiving ranged character.

All-in-all, good times all around.