Picture Time!

Inferno Hit today! Here’s pretty pictures!

Others have said, I have said, but EVE still impresses me as the best looking game in the MMO market. Maybe I’m just a sci-fi nerd (I am), maybe I just have a hard-on for the beautiful vastness of space (I do), but years of continual graphical updates and continual content to this game has won me over too.

I didn’t think I liked the Manticore from the previews I saw of it, but I was wrong. Very wrong.

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One Response to Picture Time!

  1. Mr. Meh says:

    It is amazing. FW erupted in action, and happily it will remain that way 100% of the time with the new changes. It’s nice to have EVE with the advantages of Theme Park, and that’s immediate action.

    Love the new Nemesis. Despite the liking the old one.

    Missile effects are amazing.

    Overall the window UI changes and the new updates to movement are incredible.

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