It’s not me, it’s you

Massively, this is, well, just abysmal. I thought Syncaine was just being his typical pot-stirring, self.

I was wrong.

It became clear to me that the author has fuck-all of a clue about the full breadth of the Burn Jita event when I read this reply of his too a commenter:

The thing that gets lost whenever people talk about the goons is that they’re a drop in the bucket. They may be the biggest alliance in EVE, but they’re largely insignificant in terms of individual gameplay.

I played EVE heavily all weekend and much of last week, both with my corp (which was missioning and mining one jump away from Jita) and solo, and never once did I catch even the faintest whiff of those guys.

CCP likes to highlight their larger fleet activities because it shows how impressive the game’s tech and hardware is. And some of the more clueless gaming websites that don’t actually play EVE go “oooh wow, Burn Jita, let’s write that up because it sounds cool and we’ll get page hits,” but the net effect on EVE’s gameplay is minimal. I’m not really trying to convince anyone to play, you either like it enough or you don’t, but not playing because of goons or players like them is making a mountain out of a mole-hill.

I emphasized the portion I found particularly humorous. His reply was about equal in length to the actual article he wrote. An article on what is arguably the biggest event in MMOs that will happen all year, and he dismisses it because he’s either unwilling to go into the reality of the long-term repercussions of this event, or too short-sighted to see it. I like to believe it’s the former, because the myopia would have to be enormous for the later to be true considering the plan has been plastered openly in multiple places, and a reporter for the site should not have any excuse to miss the information.

The bigness of this event is more than just the awesome, and I use that word in the traditional sense, implication of a game studio giving freedom to players and letting us do our own thing within the rules of the world they created. It’s even more than just the ideological impressiveness of a fully realized sandbox game. At the bare-bones, base, individualy-impacting reality of it, it’s part of a large devious plan to make tons of money by driving up prices of highly-sought goods (that means you pay more). I’ve read before that if you dig deep enough, all motives for war are economically driven. In EVE, you just don’t have to dig very far, or even at all. *cough* OTEC *cough*

A devious, multi-headed plot that includes massive warfare in outer-regions, sneaky back-room deals with dubious partners to corner a market, mixed with a declared bounty on all people outside of your group to create a high-demand for your soon to be sole-supply of necessary production goods.

But hey, people are making a mountain out of a mole-hill.

Edit: Here’s a link to give you an idea of the worth of the tech-moon war to the victor, and what a sudden high demand for it’s goods will do. (also fixed a major DERP)

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11 Responses to It’s not me, it’s you

  1. Werit says:

    So they camped the AH, big whoop 😉

    • Shadow says:


      At least it’s not like EVE is a logical market, driven by the production and loss of players. Or that the AH goods can be accessed anywhere and you can just go to another zone to pick up your goods…

      • Werit says:

        Honestly though, it is neat, but even as a sometimes Eve play it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me and I followed the event pretty closely. Not as big as some make it out to be in order to help make themselves feel better about their choice of game (not you).

        I’d be much more impressed if it was not Goon run, and instead run by people with in-game ambitions. Call me old fashioned but I like In Character motivation as opposed to griefing (which is the Goons mission statement).

        • Shadow says:

          It’s partially griefing. But it’s also largely to make stupid amounts of money. The impressiveness isn’t Burn Jita on it’s own (though the logistics are damn impressive), it’s the culmination of everything together. Burn Jita was the flash bang, OTEC is going to be the slow bleeding of industials everywhere. Jester did an impressive study on how much the Tech-moons really mean to miners. Going to edit my original post with a link if you haven’t seen it yet.

        • Mr. Meh says:

          You are mistaking Griefing with Investment. Goons are not only the biggest alliance, they’re happen to be a giagantic producer of goods.

          It’s a giant impact when in 2 weeks, the only HAC you will be able to buy will be based off the T2 supplies that they funnel. T2 items and ship especially will see a nice 30 to 40% increase.

          They don’t do this for pure greif. the tears are just a side bonus. This is for practically a year’s worth of inflation to the supply they bring in.

          • Werit says:

            I know, they are probably the ones with $5.5 trillion isk in the alliance wallet. I think the #2 alliance had ~1.5 trillion.

            Is their motivation to conquer the galaxy, or just raise prices to screw with everyone? My guess would be the latter.

            Jita was a blip (I think hulkageddon combined with the tech moons is bigger). If they held Jita under siege for a week or two, that would be something.

            • Mr. Meh says:

              I particularily love when this happens. I help fill the market with something 0.0 can’t touch. Faction Ships.

              Whenever they make T2 expensive, my ships look better and better for the bang.

  2. brainclutter says:

    I think you may have linked to the wrong post in your first link, lol.

  3. Astonishing! You read comments at Massively? And remained sane?

    Yes, SynCaine was stirring the pot. I egged him on a bit.

    My uninformed opinion is that some of the staff at Massively are still pissed about how they fared in their coverage of the fanfest controversy and they have now decided to cut off their collective nose to spite their face, drawing back to report at just a press release level on EVE.

    That is the only way you justify calling other sites that covered a player run event impacting thousands of players as “clueless.” (Oooh, they were looking to get page views! Dastardly fellows! Oh, how does Massively pay the bills?)

    This is, of course, going to be seen as a victory by The Mittani. He has cowed and silenced a previously vocal critic. The local paper is now afraid to mention the big bad goon is how he would spin it I bet.

    But, then again, any time you try to pin a site like that down to journalistic standards, they just pull out the “we’re really just bloggers” card. And, as a blogger, I certainly do not cover games I do not like. So I get that.

    But let’s not go pretend we’re journalists after that.

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