Important Lessons

Last night, I went out to scout some systems in my Buzzard for a corp-mate going to hi-sec with shopping list. If you’ve ever seen the movie The Beach, this is an event similar to when Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton go out to pick up the necessities for the inhabitants of their jungle paradise home. Well, in one system I was going ahead to scout, I came out of the gate, in my default cloak.

Some things I was not aware of:

  1. Gate cloaks only last 30 seconds.
  2. You cannot use a cloaking device once you are targeted.
  3. You cannot use a cloaking device to override the gate cloak with your own.

Oh, how three small pieces of information could have made a world of difference for my poor carion-eater-inspired ship. You see, as I was relaying the information to the corp mate who was waiting to see what the status was, my gate cloak dropped, and the enemy sitting on the gate had a sensor booster to insta-lock me and then take me out in just a few short volleys. By the time I realized what was going on, I was into structure, and then quickly saying good-night to my pretty, pretty ship.

After a few moments of cursing and vitriol, I asked in vent what went wrong, and the three listed information points were made clear to me. As well as a good method of (more) safely traveling in a cloaked ship.

Eve is a harsh teacher, and as frustrating as it can be at times, you can usually learn something from every encounter.



Damn gankers. (made you click!)

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4 Responses to Important Lessons

  1. Oh, I remember learning about cloaks by practical experience. I managed to live, but it was a white knuckle experience at one point.

    You can move and engage your cloak before you get targeted, but it takes some practice and quick fingers. Ideally, you will move, engage your MWD, hit the cloak, and then change direction. You will get one cycle of MWD speed to move you away from your initial spot, the cloak will cover you right away, and you turn so the gate camp can’t find you and get within range to decloak you.

    All nerve wracking when you are staring at hostiles on the overview.

    Train up the covert ops cloak for your Buzzard. Then you can warp cloaked as well.

    • Shadow says:

      That’s the sad thing, I’ve got Cov-ops at V, and cloaking at IV. Sometime long ago, I got a hare to go train them and be sneaky-bomber-man. I just never followed through with actually doing it. Another case of character-skills being secondary to player-skills.

      Thanks for the tip on the MWD, that will be useful.

      • Hah! I did the same thing. Cloaking sounded neat, so I trained that up early on, until I found I really couldn’t afford the ships. So the skills sat idle.

        A couple years later, when wormholes came out and scanning/cloaking ships were all the rage, I found that I was pretty far along for flying a Buzzard all fit to scan and cloak.

        I am not so confident in my skills that I will fly through Rancer just for kicks. (The gate camp at Rancer is pretty much a permanent fixture I think. They throw out jet cans all over to try and decloak people too.) But I will go run around in null sec exploring with my cloaked Buzzard.

    • Mr. Meh says:

      I use this method none Cloaky ships. IE. not EAF. It’s how I move my Ishtar around to do FW.

      You first align, instantly cycle the MWD, Then turn on the Cloak. Turn off your MWD. Watch the meter build to the end of the cycle. Right at the end, deactivate cloak and warp. The idea is that the MWD makes you max speed X, the cloak is slowing you, when the MWD dectivates your Max speed is now Y. Your current speed won’t be X, but it will be well over Y. Therefore instant war right after decloak.
      (depending on where you position your mods, this is Align, F1, 1, wait, 1, F1, Warp.)

      The frist couple of gate camps were the most heart pounding moments I have had in game. What a fricken rush.

      Still get it everytime though. You never know when they the Loki boost. I’ve lost 2 Ishtars in the last year. One becuase I am stupid, and assumed I could out run the Canes in my instance and the other to an insta Loki Boost.

      I use a version of a Sup’d up Keres to instalock cloaky T3s. No boost needed. 0.5 target lock on a Frig. I like turning the flaw of the EAF against people. Makes me happy.

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