Guild Wars 2 = WAR (with three sides and perfect realm balance)


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9 Responses to Light-bulb

  1. Helltrek says:

    Don’t tease

    • Shadow says:

      I do not kid. That’s exactly what it felt like. For good or ill, it feels like the game WAR was meant to be at times.

      • Helltrek says:

        This makes me want to preorder THAT much more. Keep us posted!

      • Mr. Meh says:

        Eh … while I liked it greatly and I got that WAR tingly feeling, I do have concerns.

        A main balance keeper in WAR after 1.4 with AAO and Underdog , meant that more elite players could take on Zergs. Your guild should remember greatly these antics.

        I see no room for this in GW2 WvWvW. I have a greater feeling that we will see Zerg = Win.

        Meaning highly competitive players will spend most of the time in Instances.

        Kind of the like where Elitist mainly hung out in WAR pre 1.4.

        • Mr. Meh says:

          “I see no room for this in GW2 WvWvW. I have a greater feeling that we will see Zerg = Win.”

          I meant to add on there the reason Zerg = Win is because we all have the same stats.

        • Shadow says:

          I got that worry as well, but I did see some interesting bomb-style tactics that helped to break up the zerg. Of course, then you get people QQ’ing about bombers… Either way you slice it, it will be like playing WAR again, only w/o a monthly sub!

  2. Erbse says:

    Been considering it. Friend of mine will let me play around in the next beta phase. How’s the localization this time around? US / EU / Asia? Or US + EU?

    Wouldn’t be opposed to ‘casually’ hang around yet-another-time ;D

    • Shadow says:

      I think US + EU is localized, but Asia market is probably lagging. I know Stillwater @ Games & Geekery was worried about it since he’s located in the Philipines.

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