Competition breads excellence

Pre-order Torchlight 2 via Steam.

I love when I see lots of options in one genre pop up around the same time. It means that all the competitors have to step up to really grab an audience, and consquently, it’s market share. It’s why I’m thrilled that the MOBA genre is finding new players, and returning old ones, all the time. The communal bar keeps getting raised with each release, and unique ideas or takes on any design is seen and implemented (not always for the better). Refinement and perfection as the grinding stones of competition make each game better.

Torchlight 2 looks very similar to the first one in terms of visual style, and I’m hoping not much has changed in terms of gameplay. There appears to be a bonus of multiplayer options, as well as a development kit, and some customization. Good steps for the game to make as long as it retains it’s level of execution.

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