Did you play in the Diablo 3 open beta this weekend?

Yes? You did? Along with every other anxious fan-boy (myself included!)?

Well great! It was fun wasn’t it? I know I enjoyed my time, it’s a great franchise.

While you’re thinking of the game, I’d like to point you to something you may not have been aware of. Path of Exile. It’s like Diablo 2 with a dash of the FFX sphere grid-thingie. Lots of fun, and a cool little caveat. F2P. Technically still in beta, but you can pay $10 to get a permanent spot in the beta’s and the equivalent shop “points”. I like to think of it as a $10 game, much like I did with Tribes: Ascend.

It’s good fun. Think of how much Blizzard removed in terms of personal class customization from the Diablo franchise, and then reverse the concept, and that’s how many options you have in PoE. Seriously, look at the skill tree. It’s ridiculous.


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