All about the dubya

Goblin silly.

That’s what my daughter would say. If she understood what was going on. Or even if she didn’t. She’s two and inevitably thinks everything is silly.

Having a goal in EVE is good. Some would even say necessary. Playing EVE without a plan is like investing in that property deal your wife’s second cousin told you about at that wedding that time. Possible, but probably not a good idea. Gevlon knows how to aim for a goal and work towards it, with machine-like efficiency and no regard for human needs of decompression and levity. Hell, there’s a lot I agree with the guy on, and truth be told, I think it would be amazing if something like this really happened. Not because I think it would be fun, or even good for the game, but because it would be amazing just to see.

Much as the Jita Burns escapade is interesting because it highlights the greatness of what you can do in a sandbox, universal space Empire of Null Sec is of the same ilk, only with more grandeur. It’s the aspiration of the Roman empire, in digital spaceship form. A Pax Goblina across all current null-sec space. But we all know what happened to Rome in the end.

Best of luck Gev, best of luck.

P.S. – It will never happen


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