I did the unthinkable

I mined ore.

I did it poorly by any and all measures.

  • I used Miner 1’s.
  • In an Osprey.
  • With no skills for it except Mining III

There’s something to be said about the oppressive and pervasive boredom that bears down on you inside a wormhole that leads you to try new things. My previous endeavor to learn PI and suck the life juices from a planet has succeeded and the task seems old-hat now. A 10 minute chore to re-do extractor positioning every-day and then maybe 20 minutes to go out and retrieve the results every other day.

I’ve also started to explore the world of scanning. That’s something I’m trying to get faster at. It’s difficult to improve speed in an environment where speed isn’t important, but when it is, you want the speed. A catch-22 situation. It also doesn’t help (me) that we have a crew who are able to scan down sites basically first thing after the server comes back up. It is very helpful to the corporation though, and I’m thankful for their efforts. Still, I’m learning the interface and at least using the corp bookmarks to verify that I’m finding the same things they are at times.

I keep saying it, but you learn more about EVE every day. Yesterday’s lesson: the term “Static Wormhole” is used because as soon as you destabilize it and cause it to collapse, a new one immediately spawns. There’s only one static per WH as far as I know, but others can spawn that lead to other WH’s (maybe other K-space as well – not sure). As a group, we’ve been pretty good so far at “rolling” wormholes to the critical collapse point, and trying to maintain control of our own private space bubble.

Humorously, a corporation who are a self-proclaimed “High-Sec Nemesis Group” war-dec’d us. A mostly WH space corporation. Pretty humorous.


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3 Responses to I did the unthinkable

  1. Mr. Meh says:

    oh… oh god… mining.

    Sounds like you a pretty boring situation you guys have there. Puke.

  2. When I have my wormhole project up and running, I plan to save the mining for last…very last. I will run the instant scan sites first so that when I get visitors they have little reason to stick around. Next I will scan down the mag, ladar and radar sites, as well as other combat sites. Once everything else is done, then I’ll get the Covetor out and start letting my eyes bleed. Can’t wait though. Every time I read your posts I get really anxious to get things started.

    • Shadow says:

      Chugging through those anoms is a high priority, for sure. It’s the first thing anyone does when they enter a WH. Hell, it’s what we check when we get a connecting one. If they anoms are down, likeliehood is that the local’s are active and can make it more bother than it’s worth. Can’t wait to hear more about the solo wormhole life. Training up same-account alts for PI has got to be a bear.

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