Sooner than soon

Soon turned into right-fucking-now.

We had a fortuitous worhmhole open up that made moving stuff in extremely simple. So last night I dived head first into the physics-bending reality of wormhole life. I made a little rat-next of things in K(known)-space, and then blitz-rushed it all in. It went smooth as butter, but the potential for a cluster-fuck was high. Traveling through lo-sec to get into W-space where anyone could be waiting on the other side was pretty thrilling. Turning what would be a dull transport run anywhere else, into an enjoyable experience. Amazing what can happen when you allow genuine emergent behavior in a game.

So after settling in, I start to peek into the depths of this particular rabbit hole in EVE. Your base of operations is your POS. That is surrounded by a big bubble of a force-field keeping your shit safe. Within the bubble are lots of various structures, most of which I don’t know what they do. Two important ones though are the hangar and an items bay. One for ships, and the other for stuffs™. There is no more ship-spinning or captain’s quarters in W-space that I can tell, you swap ships in the cold vastness of space, with only your pod to give you comfort. Outside of the bubble are lots of things with symbols I’m not really sure of, but I’m guessing are guns to keep would-be interlopers off your spot.

So, my near future includes spartan living in a bubble of sequestered space, dealing with intruders and finding ways to optimize profitability under the sickle and hammer of communist rule, while learning new facets of a deeply complex game-system.

What are you doing?


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5 Responses to Sooner than soon

  1. Playing EQ while waiting for a fleet formation message to come over Jabber. My ships are at the form up point, somebody just has to announce it is time to go.

  2. I’ve had three stays in w-space in my short Eve career. A c2, c1 and c3. It certainly is the most thrilling aspect of the game for me. Even a simple mining or gas harvesting operation can end abruptly and send you screaming back to your medical clone before you know what hit you. It’s been more than a year since I lived in w-space, and I can’t wait to get back. I will be trying my luck as a solo wormholer (well solo as in my main and two Alts on the same account).

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