Enter wormhole, stop learning pewpew

Shamelessly pilfered image.

Recently, I joined the corporation of the evil one. I’ve been in for about a week now and I can tell the taint is spreading…

If you read his blog, you’ll know that the corporation has recently made the jump into wormhole space. This is what is known to most people as a “pretty big deal”. It requires an entire adjustment to the way you approach the game, and a monumental amount of work. For the unfamiliar, these are areas or “zones” that are tied off from any other area of space, except by random “zone lines” that connect to random areas. Inside physics can go haywire and cause strange effects on the properties of, well, anything. Choosing to live in one of these means having physical stations to dock/fit/basic life functions of a person. Planets need to be consumed, and clouds/asteroids need to be harvested to maintain a function space-structure. There are a lot of other activities that require a slew of different skill sets as well. For example: scanning.

When I first started playing this game (nigh three years back), I did do some scanning. Just enough to finish the tutorial. It was neat, but, meh, I wanted to blow stuff up. I never pursued it more, probably to my detriment. Turns out, it’s kinda useful. Lets you find other players in space, and super secret locations in dead space that haz phat lewts.

See, when I first heard about moving into a wormhole, my immediate thought was of epic battles to fight off invaders and maintain our hold on space. Turns out the invaders part is kinda true, but it’s more…tactical a situation. So, I’m finding that there are a number of things I need to learn, both in terms of skill queue and personal game ability, so that I can be an asset to the corporation. Scanning being one of those things.

I hope to actually move into the wormhole in the near future, but beyond the skill barrier, there are logistics I need to sort. Like how to get my important shit there with enough supplies to last a while. Seeing as it’s an island in the ocean perpetually cut-off from outside shipments.


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