Drama Llama


I would be remiss in my duties as absentee, virtual non-existent blogger if I didn’t at least point you in the direction of this. Goon leader, and CSM chairman shared the tears of a victim and showed others an easy target. Of course, bleeding hearts came into the game at the “revelation” of said QQ’er being “suicidal”. Mittani’s first response was better than his apology. He didn’t cross any line, he pointed out a person who put their real life situation into the game. The victim shared it, and initiated the transaction of alleged personal information. It’s the equivalent of telling the disinterested kid behind the counter at Starbuck’s your life is hard and don’t want to go on anymore. They don’t give a shit, and will bitch about you to their co-workers later on.

Whatever, it’s all mostly done and the next story is already on the way for people to get riled up about. So, I’ll juse end this blurb with the following little thoughts:

  • Fellow internet gamers can be friends, but only after a long period of time of shared interaction.
    • I’d be sad if one of them committed suicide, may even go to a funeral (level of friendship correlating to distance traveled)
  • Everyone else is as much of a stranger as the dude who walks by me in Target.
    • If they committed suicide, I’d hear the news and think the situation is too bad, but I honestly wouldn’t care.

None of us have to care about anyone, and we especially don’t need to be concerned over the potential reactions of someone over activities in a video game. Grow up, be an adult, take responsibility.