I couldn’t make this shit up

From the comments of a goblin’s blog.


“could you explain how is it “fun”?”

I think you can do that yourself. More then that, you already did before, on multiple occasions. Peter here is a perfect example of a strict follower of an Inner Ape. And for an ape domination doesn’t have to be motivated by something else, then by the need for domination itself. Evolution made it clear, that the most dominant ape gets all the females, and his offspring have much greater chance to be born. Games like EVE warp this instincts to more complex behavioral patterns, but the goal – the goal never changes.

“Also, I don’t understand why would anyone throw a keyboard out of the window because he lost a ship.”

The very same reason – he had been pushed down the domination chain. It’s unpleasant, and, depending of self-esteem, can be quite painful. And that, of course, come before any reason can kick in. Therefore, keyboards and windows meet more often, then it’s rational.


Playing EVE gets the girls HOT.

[Hat-tip to Syncaine for pointing out the post.]


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2 Responses to I couldn’t make this shit up

  1. Mr. Meh says:

    Well… you don’t believe it because you aren’t on the top of the food chain.

    I recall this one time, I was roaming seperate from my fleet in a quick cheap fleet Celestis I was toying with, and I warped 70K off gate only to uncloak this Buzzard. I messed him up in a few volleys. Then as I’m looting him, 2 small ships come in. It’s a dog fight. I’m sending Missiles and Drones at the Destroyer and orbiting frantically around the Assualt Frig Overheating every little thing. Destroyer pops and then it comes down to the wire between the AF and my cheap fleet cruiser. Who doesn’t bring any Webs to 2 on 1 fight? These guys.

    Anyways, the 3 solo kills with a 2 on 1 fight had indeed made my penis larger and before I could even dock, it had occurred to me that my house was borken into by 2 young very hot college girls. Dyring the fight they had already been working on my lower limb and were now begging for satisfaction.

    It’s as if my playing EVE so well had actually produced super pheromones that attracted them. You just need to step up your game, little monkey.

    In all seriousness … $10 says the commenter buys Axe body spray. Cuz he’s a twit.

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