This CAN be fun

I haven’t been hitting any PvP in the game exceptionally hard yet, focusing instead more on the single-player, story-mode leveling game. Still, I have played a number of instances of each of the 3 options for instanced PvP, and even had a smattering of 1v2 open-world PvP in Alderaan. The point I’m trying to make clear, is that I have experienced what the game offers in PvP format more or less, and up until last night was mostly underwhelmed. However, I saw a glimmer of the possibility of fun last night. I played my first genuinely fun scenario (warzone, battleground, or whatever the hell it’s called) in SW:TOR last night.

For a nice change of pace, it started as a fresh game, in lieu of my typical replacement of someone who left and opened a spot. I sat in the staging area for the Alderaan fight, which consists of a familiar 3-point capture map. WAR vets: think Gates of Ekrund or Nordenwatch. I was pleasantly surprised to see a guildie who had happened to queue into the match as well. He as the scissors, and me as the rock, went to work. We weren’t even on voice comms together, but clearly, we both knew what we were doing. It continues to astound me how two competent players can play together, without any communication, but still do what is needed on a fairly competent level.

Moments like that make me think there’s the chance for cooperative, competitive play here, and it gives me hope. If the competition can match it, and wait around long enough for me to hit cap, there’s a chance that the PvP “game” might be worth sticking around for. I’m not sure of it, but I have a seed of doubt now where before there was only certainty a two month subscription. In the end, it was a close match, with a good amount of back and forth, and we squeaked out the win with a very narrow margin. The Republic doesn’t seem to win much, so anytime I get the “W” I’m a bit surprised.

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2 Responses to This CAN be fun

  1. Mr. Meh says:

    Just dinged 50 last night and we spent the rest of the night gettting our +10 datacron. Which is bugged to hell apparently.

    Since 50+ PVP won’t be much fun without having a group to do it with. I’ll probably be levelling a Sage to compare storylines and healing. I have a feeling I would do better in that frame.

    Anyways, my goal will be strictly PVP with only doing the bare minimum for storyline.

    Who was the guildie? Abboob/Death?

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