Three things SW:TOR has done well

The First Thing

The rail shooter. I have a soft place in the cockles of my heart for rail shooters, and having this as a mini-game in SW:TOR is just good fun. They are quick missions, usually around the 5 minute mark, that you can get dailies off. They have a primary mission, and usually at least one obvious bonus mission. In every one, I’ve found secret bonus missions as well. Your ship is upgradable, albeit in a very simple and shallow manner, but there is that nod to progression still. I do these every single time I play as one of the first things I do. Maybe I just crave a return to X-wing, but it makes me happy when I play these, and that’s at least half the reason to play a game.

The Second Thing

Storyline. I was dismissive of this before playing, thinking story was a joke when it comes to MMOs. Sure, I’ve always had a tertiary interest in the plot behind what I play, and having heard someone go in-depth on the lore of EQ/EQ2 have been entertaining moments in my past, but never have I honestly cared about it. The story has me immersed more than any previous MMO I’ve played. Without giving away any spoilers, I have one companion I never use because of poor compatibility as well as being annoying as hell to me personally, however I had the chance to see this companion get axed but did not take it, because I didn’t feel as if my character would go that route. I made a decision based on the personality and outlook of my character. That’s a pretty hefty jump from skipping quest text, and BioWare should be lauded for that.

The Third Thing

Nostalgia. Probably not intentional, but I have been having some major nostalgia pangs for SWG of late when I play in SW:TOR. It’s most noticeable when I’m on Tatooine which has been all of my last two or three sessions. Speeding around Anchorhead with all the visual consistency you expect of the planet brings back old, deep memories of my time in the sandbox *rimshot*. It’s not something that will keep me playing the game, but it brings a whimsical smile to face. If I have to go to Dantooine or Naboo later, it may really be hard on me.

There are a lot of things in the game that don’t work for me in the long run, as I have little expectation of me making it past three characters at most, one storyline for each side, and MAYBE a second for one of the factions. That’s a topic for a different post that I’ll get into some other day.

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2 Responses to Three things SW:TOR has done well

  1. Mr. Meh says:

    And I told ya …

    It’s so wierd for me to like PvE when my whole my career has been against it. Good news is for me that PVP is very rewarding pre50. I just have a hard time leaving behind NPCs with quest available above their heads.

    This weekend though I made a great deal progress adn that’s only because I finally gave up on all questing and went a ranked up my storyline to my level. If you try and do everything it can take you forever to get there. Which I guess is a good thing. Especially if you want alts. And with being immerged in the storyline, I will have a hard time not wanting to see all the different stories.

  2. João Carlos says:

    Well, Dantooine and Naboo aren’t in game, maybe at a future expansion and if they did it, I hope they make possible we kill all gungass we see. You know, there is a small chance we kill all ancestors of Jar Jar…

    But I can guess how was Naboo 3000 years before yavin…. maybe the humans are newcomers to the planet and are at open war with the natives…

    Anyway, SWTOR is a game for play alts. Each class have a diferent story and there are 8 diferent stories for see.

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