Accelerated Time-table

With the release of news of SW:TOR having an 85% retention rate going into month 2 (hat-tip), with “most” of them paying at this point. So, I decided to go ahead and look around to see what kind of bargain I could get on a boxed copy of the game. Happily, I found a listed brand new copy on E-bay for ~$35 US after shipping. With a friendly WAR-blogger-fellow rerolling to Republic, I bit the bullet and just decided to accelerate the deal. That was Friday I believe, and I got the game last night. Fast shipping FTW. So, I’m in the game now. Playing a Light-side Jedi Guardian, just like I did in the beta. Happily mashing my space-bar through all the conversations because they are identical to what I did before. I stayed up way past my bed time, finishing up Tython and getting my light-saber.

Things that encouraged me to go ahead and dive in earlier:

  1. MMO boredom: I’m not plugged in to EVE with any corp, and don’t have the time for the highly fun, but time-consuming socio-political machinations that make the game great.
  2. An impressive quote: “As a result of greater than expected earnings in Q3, EA will increase the marketing budget for Star Wars: The Old Republic in Q4.”
  3. The Rahk-ghoul thing: BioWare is hitting the game hard with content updates right out the gate. Keep it up like Trion is with Rift, and you’ll make customer’s very happy.
  4. DotA2 and LoL are methadone: These two games are amazing fun. But if you require a sense of persistence & progression, that’s just not what these games do, and I crave some of that.
  5. HeroEngine: I was curious to see how well it actually played out, and I won’t get another chance until Dominus launchers.
  6. Lum likes it. That’s worth at least giving it a try for $35.

So yeah, let loose the slings and arrows, and all that jazz.

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4 Responses to Accelerated Time-table

  1. brainclutter says:

    The 85% retention rate given by EA is interesting because X-Fire shows a 33% drop in “hours played.” This really illustrates how you can’t use X-Fire charts to prove your points with factual accuracy…

    Either EA is lying (doubt it) or the drop in hours reported by X-Fire is not correlated to retention rate at all and is merely those same 85% of players simply playing less hours. Or perhaps SWTOR only retained 67% of X-Fire users.

    It’s really hard to say!

    • Mr. Meh says:

      Hours played don’t equal people retained.

      For circumstancial evidence you only have to look at a small population.

      These facts could exist at the same time:

      You have 100 gamers in Decembers each playing an average of 6 hours a day which is 600 hours a day.
      In January you have 85 gamers playing an average of 4.7 hours a day which is 400 hours.

      So, Xfire and EA might not either be lying. It makes plausible sense mathematically and statistically that not only was there a loss of 15% of the player base when it came time to renew subscription, but on top of that the existing player are not playing less hours a week.

      Which to me, makes perfect sense. Last night Shadow played roughly what, 5 hours straight. Would he have done that on a normal weeknight say a month from now?

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