A deal

One benefit of waking up at hours reserved for insomniacs and school teachers, is that I get to put in a quick post. Yay discipline!

So, Mr. Meh is back (in case you haven’t been following, he comes and goes a lot). He, like almost every other breathing soul involved in MMO gaming, is playing SW:tOR. He’s gushing (in his own way). I played in the beta, and found it enjoyable, but not anything that grabbed me by the ass and pulled me in for some genital rubbing. I mean, it’s Star Wars, which automatically produces some attention and attraction, and the voice acting is good and greatly helps with the immersion/storyline factor. However, the PvP was, well “meh”, and it had the typical trope of quest-hubs sending you to do things for people, then come back again. Rinse. Repeat.

But, I like Mr. Meh’s opinion, and respect it as much as anyone can respect another internet entity, and I posted a deal with him. In two more months, if he still likes the game, I’ll buy a box and give it a go.

So, you’ve been given notice.


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4 Responses to A deal

  1. Helltrek says:

    See you in two months 😉

    • Shadow says:

      I like your confidence. I hope it’s well placed.

      • Helltrek says:

        It’s definitely very enjoyable. So many fun classes, the open world PVP is fun when you run into people, Warzones are very reminiscent of WARs Scenarios, each with different models of play. I haven’t had the pleasure of hitting Ilum yet (planet devoted to PVP, similar to the RVR lakes of WAR from what I understand) but highly looking forward to it, especially with the changes in 1.1 hitting. Bioware has been doing a very good/proactive job so far. I can only hope it continues! Looking forward to you writing about it!

    • Mr. Meh says:

      Haha. Prospects looking good.

      I hear rumors of a Blazeric lighting up the eyes of a server. Wonder if he’ll pop back up with opinions.

      Otherwise, a reformed stronger OU has formed on Bondar Crystal when you decide. Not that you will or anything.

      Also, just to show you that someone learned from the RIFT model and somewhat the initial WAR model, SWTOR recieved its first content patch today. Actual new content. Not even a month. Amazing.

      Gotta keep the hopes in line though. We know what happens when I gets the disappoint.

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