Is this thing on?

A priest, a rabbi, and a monk walk into a bar...Uh. Hi.

Yeah, still breathing. In a lazy Sunday afternoon right now, the long dark tea-time of the soul, as Arthur Dent calls it.

In any matter, for anyone still reading here’s a quick recap of where I’ve been gaming wise:

MMO bouncey-bouncey-bouncey: I’ve been entirely unable to stick to just one MMO for any length of time. I’ve been avoiding PvP ones in large part because of my temperamental internet connection, which FINALLY seems to be fixed. Mostly, I’ve bounced back and forth between EVE, EQ2, and a dash of Rift. I even went so far as to dip my toe in the AoC pool, but never even made it out of Tortage. Not sure what people are saying, but I found the Tortage experience to be as bland as any PvE MMO experience as I’ve played. I’m avoiding SWtOR for the most part, did some of the beta, but am dubious of my ever playing the actual game.

MOBAs: League of Legends has been hard for me to play in, because of said previous internet difficulties. I still played non-rank, games, and more Dominion than I normally would (thanks to it’s shorter time frame), but on the whole I haven’t done a whole lot there. However, along with getting my internet mostly back into shape two weeks ago, I got into DotA 2 beta, and that is just damn good, hard-core fun. I think I may do a short write-up about some of the big conceptual differences between the two. The sequel to the originator and the current crown champion of the genre.

SRPG: SKYRIM!! OMG SKYRIM!!! So fucking good. I have never played any of the Elder Scrolls games before this one, and was blown away by the awesomeitude this wonderous piece of digitally constructed world contained. My first play through was a shield and axe wielding, heavy armor wearing behemoth of destruction. My second (well 2.5) play through so far is a sneaky, archer type that just changes the whole way I play the game.

Console: I’ve gone back and replayed some of my older stuff, like Mirror’s Edge, and some more Wipeout, and a bit of Katamari: Forever. Console gaming is something I really enjoy still, and am waiting on the edge of my seat for Dust541, which just announced Beta sign-ups not too long ago (with some restrictions).

As for real life, my daughter just turned two, school is still in its part-time classification, which eats up a lot of free time what with that full-time job I have. I’m taking my first actual real-programming course this semester (Object Oriented aka Java), which I’m looking forward to. Work is finally slowing down a bit, my two large-scale hospitals are winding to a close on my design/coordination/fabrication side, and the bulk is going to be left in the hands of the installers – which means I’m sure someone is hunting for a new BIM project to throw me into.

The biggest thing I need to decide about this space, is how I want to proceed with it. There’s a good gap of time, and I don’t want to go back and discuss all the things that happened in the interim. I need to figure out what I want to write about, and get back in the habit of it all.

No new years resolution or anything like that, just saying, I’m going to try to put out stuff more frequently here on out.


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7 Responses to Is this thing on?

  1. Pitrelli says:

    Welcome back chief 🙂

  2. gank says:

    Yes, welcome back…. ironically enough I just took you off my blogroll yesterday as I thought you were gone for sure! I’ll get you back on asap.

  3. Rikker says:

    Good to see you again. We should get into a LoL game one of these days.

  4. Erbse says:

    Don’t you go around wasting time on anything but working on a write up on Dota II.

    I’ve high hopes for it living up to the original Dota standard, rather than the LoL / HoN pew pew stuff.

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