Passing thoughts

Gamescon is over, and I missed a lot of it. My interest in the new and upcoming stuff is waning, or at the very least, not pushing against that wall of excitement the industry attempts to construct from hype and mystery to ensure a continued revenue stream (except for Battlefield 3 – that shit looks crazy yo). Sure, a few things were bound to catch my ear, only by sheer volume of the social circles I run around the perimeter of. Wrath of Heroes and Wildstar seeming to be the two that with the biggest foundation in place amongst my cliques, and I’ll admit – the giant robot that was fought in the raid of SW:TOR perked up my ears. I wouldn’t say that I have ennui towards the institutions or developments, more of a contented disinterest, as nothing really (again, except Battlefield 3) grabbed me by the genitals and dragged me down to the floor with it for a romp in the hay. I am at peace with my current gaming distribution, and calmly waiting for the few objects I see in the hazy distance. I understand now why a placated population is so much in demand by some, and can be so dreadfully dangers to others – then content make no demands, and demands drive innovation.

There’s the portion of my brain, nagging me to research and delve, and find out what all went on. The portion that craves knowledge and information to analyze and decide. To call judgment and declare that THIS is the side of the line that my opinion falls upon. Immediately afterward, the portion that controls the actual doing then points out InFamous, Wipeout, BioShock, and a stack of other games that I still have yet to play through and suggests to me that perhaps the new and exciting can wait, and that an opinion doesn’t always need to be formed early on, as if some type of posterity is at stake.

So, anything you think I should take a look at? What piqued your interest? What do you think I should keep my eyes on?

Oh, and seriously, go watch the Battlefield 3 trailer.

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One Response to Passing thoughts

  1. Erbse says:

    Been to the GC and it was pretty much what I remember the Game Convention in Leipzig ’08 to be like.

    Plenty of booths, insanely long waiting times (a good 2 hours to see a cinematic, or testplay FIFA12 / PES 12 / CoD:MW 3). I haven’t seen much innovation whatsoever. Move dance stuff I’m not fond of to begin with, but otherwise the good old Franchise milking.

    The LoL, Dota II and Tera Online booths were fairly inaccessible due to sheer amount of bystanders, or the zerg rush so to speak – however there have been streams out there from a Dota II test tournament that has taken place during the GC, so far as ingame footage is concerned feel free to check those out to get a glimpse of Dota II.

    Dark Souls, Skyrim and Risen II are the only games on my radar for now, as far as single player experience is concerned anyway. Of course all 3 fall under the category of the aforementioned franchise milking.

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