WoH: What I want to know

Just a list of questions I’d love to get some answers to.

  1. What is the projected length of each match?
  2. What is the projected length of combat interactions?
    1. I.E. in LoL, a fight between two people can last seconds to a minute or so with feints, baits, etc.. Group fights can also be similarly diverse.
  3. With multiple maps, will the objective of each be the same?
    1. If no, what are the different game-types?
  4.  How many maps are there planned to be?
  5. Will there be leveling within a match?
    1. If so, what will leveling provide?
    2. Will all five powers (skills, abilities, w/e) be available from the start?
  6. Will there be any “neutral” mobs, or “creeps” similar to other MOBAs?
  7.  Any plans to include a match-only item shop as seen in other MOBAs?
  8. It was stated there are 40 levels to each account, what comes along with this advancement?
  9. With six possible team members, are you planning on adhering to typical MMO archetypes?
    1. Are you planning on sticking with WAR’s archetypes?
  10. WoH appears to be using the same engine as WAR, can we expect similar control schema?

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3 Responses to WoH: What I want to know

  1. Werit says:

    Ok, lets see…

    Think of it as a typical WAR scenario but faster paced. Controls are pretty much the same, but a bit simpler. I did not notice much of a fight-length difference when I played. It will vary depending on if you are fighting a tank and such.

    When we played, there was no in-match leveling or items. Your tactics (result of advancement) are where the customization comes in. All 5 abilities are there from the start.

    As for types of matches, we only saw Mourkain Temple. It had a bobble and 3 objectives to capture. They do have more, but I can’t speak as to what they are.

    • Shadow says:

      Thanks for the info. It really does sound like they just took scenarios straight from WAR, made it a 3-way, and make you play with heroes. Not a bad thing per-se. In fact, I imagine I will have some good fun with it. But the shared incentives will have to be pretty strong to get me back into WAR w/ this around.

  2. Professer says:

    Its really just like a battleground from WAR, and a bit faster paced like werit said. Personally, I couldn’t enjoy the game because I can’t enjoy the traditional MMO combat anymore (tab-1234) after playing Darkfall. The idea of the game sounded great to me at first, I was a bit excited, but I just can’t go back to that old combat system.

    It would be even cooler if it had directional, aimed attacks sort of like Bloodline Champions. Not quite crosshair/FPS like but you just attack what you’re aiming at infront of your character. It seems like there is no excuse to try to add to the combat system when you’re taking MMO battlegrounds and funneling it into a MOBA.

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