There’s a lot going on out there in the circles of the gaming world I put interest into. Everyone seems to be doing something, getting ready to exit out of that summer slump that seems to hit every year. Interestingly enough though, very little of it is really revving my engines. For the LoL players, we have Dominion. For WAR we have the 1.4.4 patch (and 1.4.5 after). MMO players in general are in a tizzy over the SWTOR preorder. Prime:BFD is running on all cylinders finishing up development. Lastly, I recently joined up with fellow-blogger Rer’s corporation in EVE.

If you’ve been reading here, or paying attention to me on Twitter, you are probably aware that SWTOR holds very little interest for me. A PvE-centric, uber-themepark of solo-wonder doesn’t grab me by the cock-and-balls like it once used to. Sure, I love Star Wars. Not as much as some people, but more than a lot – I’ve at least read some of the extended-universe novels. That’s not enough to pull me in, and honestly, neither is BioWare. Yeah, I played both KoTORs and NWN, but I couldn’t finish Dragon Age due to lack of interest, and I’ve never played Mass Effect. Nothing’s tugging on my heart-strings.

League of Legends just released the video for their Dominion update (good thing words can’t be copy written or CCP may have something to say about that). Meh. I didn’t really want another map. I know, I know – people all over the interwebz have been clamoring for a new map, and oh-my-god-Riot! you’re-so-fucking-lazy-stop-the-new-champs-we-want-maps!!1!!!11!!!! Yeah, I didn’t. I played DoTA since back in 2003 or so. I’ve been playing this style of game on basically the same damn map for 8 years, and have never desired another. People who wanted a new map just really don’t grok the game.

WAR has the new 1.4.4 patch, with some sexy-smexy SH/SW lovin’ and plans for adding DAoC Relic-like items back in with Fortresses. That’s some pretty hot shit. So are the sleek new T7 appearance-only armor sets. I’m really, REALLY interested in all that will be going on over there with the changes, but I don’t think it will be enough for me to play WAR as my primary sub-game. Realm balance is better in the game than I think it has ever been from when I was playing just last month, but the world and fight is still just TOO directed for my tastes. You go in the lakes, and you have 5 possible attack points at most. Times 3 zones is 15 locations. That’s too narrow (I almost started drifting off into armchair-design, and deleted about five sentences worth of stuff). Suffice to say, I stand by my older premise, but remain excited about all changes coming to the game.

Prime:BFD is the only game in development I’ve been giving any of my attention to. Their CM has a knack for drawing in participants, and is just a pleasure to see interact with the community. It doesn’t hurt that a lot of the premises for the game are grounded in ideas I love, and some that I have directly enjoyed. A harvesting/crafting system similar to SWG (<3), and a PvP system akin to DAoC. Non-level based, incentives for continually fighting even when “capped”. There are a lot of good things going on there, and even better: they do a U-Stream with their designers every week where participants can chat and find out new infos. Small companies make my heart go pitter-patter, and I don’t care how girly that sounded.

EVE is rockin’ along at its usual pace. I don’t think the mass-hysteria stuck, but I don’t forum cruise like I once used to. I’m in the groove right now, working on faction standings so I can do some money-making missioning in null sec space with the evil Angel Cartel. That’s not a quick process, and is just a faction-grind for those of you who are uninformed.

It should be noted, that of the games I talked about, two of them are made with the HeroEngine. It’s an amazing tool, and a great company that I have been a fan of for over 15 years. They made an old-school MUD you may have heard of: Gemstone.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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8 Responses to Panorama

  1. Jomu says:

    thats a nice panorama shot; what city is that?

  2. Rikker says:

    Hmmm.. I don’t know. I’d love a new LoL map. “Dominion” is not what I had in mind, more of just a restructuring of the terrain, maybe some different buffs and/or different buff placement, that kind of thing, just to give some other options. TT is fun, but LoL really seems to be balanced around 5v5, so more 5v5 maps (or even TT expanded to 5v5 or somesuch…) would be awesome. I don’t mind the new game mode, necessarily, and I’ll definitely check it out, but… mostly just something new to look at, different buff interactions, those could be a lot of fun.

  3. Mister Meh says:

    Angel Cartel?

    My ears are burning.

    • Mister Meh says:

      I just happen to be able to fly both Minnie and Gall almost perfectly. If such ships of the Angel Cartel were easier to obtain, I would be very interested in how that possible.

    • Shadow says:

      That is correct sir. And there is no “easy” as I understand it. I’m working minmitar just so I can get the start of the epic Angel Cartel missions, which should let me get L2 or 3s to work on their faction in null space. Nothing is ever easy.

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