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Yesterday was patch day for League of Legends. The big ticket items were the rework for Kayle and the introduction of another new 6300 IP champion, Wukong the Monkey King. Having been a previous enthusiast for Kayle, I was eager to see what changes she had coming her way, as I felt she was a bit on the weaker side of things. She had a great passive, but wasn’t able to really fulfill either of her roles as a support/carry very well. Of course, when the video was released, I was a bit saddened. I had just finished up all of her rune page a few days back, and the change meant buying 18 new runes and 3 new quintessence if Phreak’s predicted build would be more suitable. So, after I put the daughter to bed last night, I jumped into a few games to play with her to get a feel for the revamp.

I’ll be blunt, I’m not super happy with the Kayle rework so far. It’s not bad per-se, but it has definitely taken her far away from what she was before. Where before she was a good support/carry blend, that could be nasty super-late game, she’s now more of a pure carry. The hit to her heal spell, Diving Blessing, is a real kick in the nuts to any aspirations of support play. Nidalee’s heal was a far superior support tool before this change, as it has a better cooldown and a vastly greater power ratio, and after the change, it’s not even a comparison worth making. It’s as if the functions of Kayle’s heal have been swapped, making it more of a speed boost than a heal now.

That’s not to say that all the changes were bad, but Kayle is clearly no longer the champion I once played and enjoyed. She is being put almost wholly into the carry slot than the support slot. That shift is a new way of thinking when playing as her and how to approach building her. Once I’m able to get past this paradigm shift, I think I’ll have a strong hold on Kayle, but I’m not entirely sure if I want to. Playing a pure carry can be fun, but in LoL, I really enjoy more diverse and complex champions. Nidalee may take over as my primary champion after this patch.

As for Wukong, shocker, he seems pretty strong on the power curve. He’s also 6300 IP. I’d really like to see some more low and mid-range champions released, Oriana was the only one in recent history who came in under 6300 point. Relatedly, I’d enjoy a more frequent IP push-down for older champions. The push-down doesn’t have to happen as frequent as new releases, but doing a price cut of 1 old champion for every 2 new ones that gets released shouldn’t be something that will cause a revenue loss, and would go a fair way to pleasing customers.

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12 Responses to Changing Play

  1. Rikker says:

    I’m amazed they touched Kayle, to be honest. IMO, she more than made up for her weaker early game when she became a powerhouse late game.

    Wukong doesn’t seem to be overpowered to me, but that could be the level of players I was playing with/against last night.

    Not sure if I agree with you on the push-down though, the prices are (mostly) not ridiculous, it just gets very expensive in runes very quickly to keep changing champs.

    • Shadow says:

      The push down would need to be done far less frequently than released camps. Seeing a 6300 IP champ every two weeks is hard to see. Last champion I bought was Nocturne. Since then, its been all runes, which ay over 1k for some, its expensive.

  2. epic.ben says:

    I haven’t been able to login to LOL in about a week (travel/family), but I can’t wait to see the Monkey King in action. I haven’t even checked out his spotlight – I am hoping (naively) that he’ll be some giant Donkey Kong type champ that flings barrels.

  3. Mortashir says:

    they have not had many 2 week champs recently. I think it has been mostly 3 week cycles.

    releasing cheap champions is also a bit of a bad idea. it would mean that everyonw would pick them up day 1 because they can. So the queue system is full fo people wanting to play their new toy, and they will dodge if they can’t. It would be like the first day where the new toy is on the free rotation except atleast twice as bad.

    It isn’t fantastic, but it might be better than some alternatives.

    • Shadow says:

      Yeah, perhaps cheap champions won’t work great. But cycling older champions to a lower price point more often should really be considered.

  4. The Kayle remake has been in development for at least six month, so I’m very surprised with the result. They basically pissed off a bunch of long time Kayle players and won’t be attracting very many new ones with this remake. 😛

    I haven’t seen Wukong in action outside of SaintVicious’ stream last night and the champion spotlight. Phreak did some really cool stuff in the spotlight but most of his victims were lower level and you have no idea of their item builds (did they have any resists at all?). Saint did pretty badly with him but he was playing like a moron, so yeah…

    I too wish they would drop the prices on some of these champs. I play <10 games per week these days, so it takes a long while to build up IP (~1800 IP per week). Then again, I am rarely tempted enough to buy a champ the day or even month it comes out because Riot can never seem to balance things properly at the start of a new champion's life. And of course, many of the new champs don't interest me, so there's IP in the bank.

    My goal is to pick and master ONE champion in each role (tank, AD, AP, support). Every single one of these champions can either lane or jungle, so I'll mostly focus on that aspect of gameplay. My chosen champs are: Jarvan (tank), Nocturne (AD), Fiddle (AP), and Nunu (support).

    I want to focus on ranked games eventually, and until I start taking my education seriously, I don't think I'll be able to rise very high in ELO. I'm currently hovering around 1175-1190 ELO after 65 games. Some games I carry, others I get destroyed in due to rookie mistakes. It's pretty frustrating how inconsistent I can be.

    • Shadow says:

      Yeah, the Kayle change is baffling. A lot of Kayle fans didn’t like the changes when announced, and still don’t. I’m probably just going to keep Nid as my AP/support champ, and branch out to other champs for other roles.

    • Rikker says:

      Yeah, I’m kind of looking to do the same thing… so far I’ve got Amumu and Morgana (who I really like, but am on the fence about regarding effectiveness), … and we’ll see from there ;P.

      It’s definitely a good plan to be able to play a champ from each category though, you never know who you’ll be matched with when pugging.

  5. Werit says:

    Have you bought any with real money yet? ten bucks for one of the new ones doesn’t seem like a bad price if you like the gameplay enough.

  6. FYI my team got carried so hard by a Kayle last night. She went 22-2-10 and totally won it for us from early game all the way to end game. She was a freakin’ beeeeeast! Dat splash damage! 😛

    • Shadow says:

      People are learning the secret I think. Had a Kayle do similar for me night. Like 16-1-11, was insane. Still miss the support aspect of though.

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