Welcome back!

But sorry, your lost item will remain lost.

A recap if you don’t want to read his yellow text:

CSR: How can I help?

SW: My Golden Ankrh is missing. I for sure last saw it in February, not sure about a few weeks ago.

CSR: Let me look into it.

CSR: Sorry, no-can-do.

SW: Any particular reason you can’t restore it?

CSR: Canned response. Anything else?

SW: No.

I get that customer service can only do so much, but when a customer asks for a particular or specific reason, it’s nice to get one. Letting your customer know WHY you can’t do something makes them feel like you aren’t just punching a card, and that there are actual reasons that can’t be overcome. Canned answers as a response to a request for more details is a TERRIBLE way to reply.

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3 Responses to Welcome back!

  1. Erbse says:

    Non-canned no-can-do replies would require actual schooling and a wage above minimum.

    Certainly not an economical option these days, where it’s all about profit maximization. 😀

  2. hordemaster says:

    or even worse, if the ccr is from out of the states, that just means that the company outsourced to save some cash.

  3. At least they did not tell you to check the Camelot Herald. Oh yeah, it happened.

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