Escape Dependency

I played a bit of WAR over the weekend. My Knight remains on Gorfang, so I hooked back up with my old guild Blitz who are on Norn with my Shadow Warrior. The nostalgia was pleasant, and the game’s art is still some of the best around, but there are still some serious flaws that I just think aren’t going away anytime soon. One of these issues is the way escape tools perform in the game.

When looking at WAR as a PvP game, I tend to do so strongly filtered through my recenly refined lense that from playing EVE and LoL. In doing so, I see concepts that may be miss-applied between games. When looking at LoL, you see that the melee killers have some way of closing the distance. Xin’s charge, Eve’s stealth, Nocturnes speed path and his crazy warp ultimate. This same concept is found in MDPS in WAR: leap, charge, stealth. All are actions that work independent of the some enemy condition, outside of range.

Now, look at the escape tools for the ranged in LoL. Ashe tends to be insanely fast, Nidalee has her cat leap, Cait has her net snare + blow back, and so on. Most of these don’t depend on the state of the target, or even a target at all. When looking at ranged careers in WAR, all tools for escape are contingent on hitting the enemy and not being met with an immunity (outside of the universal flee).

Why is this a problem? Melee has much higher damage. This was done to make up for needing to close the distance. Except always functioning gap closers, and sometimes multiples of them give them the ability to make the range advantage immaterial, and this problem became even further attenuated by the unification if immunities. That act may have been good for the game as a whole, but it fucked the ranged players.

Ranged players either need to have the damage to stand toe to toe with a melee combatant, or need to be equally good at escaping as their assailants.


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6 Responses to Escape Dependency

  1. Monkey says:

    So did Raylando and Liandel end up marrying irl?

  2. Bob says:

    Random poster here, and sorry to ask the obvious, probably annoying question, but as a former WAR Europe player (UK), how is the population doing these days?

    I have been thinking of returning lately but a search of the interwebs has revealed that it seems Badlands is over-populated and the remaining servers are very quiet?

    Is the game still kicking?

    • Shadow says:

      Hard for me to say really. I have my characters on an EU server, but play primetine US hours. It’s steady to super slow later hours. But it seems to be pretty active during your own primetime. Gorfang and Badlands are very active during their own timezones from what I hear.

  3. Bob says:

    Excellent, thanks a lot. I’d feared the game had died a death, but I think I’ll pop back on and check it out again, it’s definitely by far the most fun I’ve ever had in an MMO.

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