It always brings you back

Feeling the WAR itch again. Going to see about possibly transferring my Knight to Norn and joining back up with my old guild. Going to queue up the download when I get home.


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9 Responses to It always brings you back

  1. Sara says:

    A Knight? To Norn?

    Another staggererer to dodge, I see. Look forward to dodging you in the battlefield if you go through with it.

  2. Mister Meh says:

    Lang got me to come back and try it out again for a little bit. Apparently we all had a mysterious 2 weeks free that I or anyone else didn’t seem to get an email about. That ran out and I wasn’t willing to start subscribing again.

  3. davethedave says:

    At least two of your ‘old guild’ are cheating scum.
    Find a better one.

  4. Greg Kelter says:

    It takes two people to dupe. Even if you dual-box accounts you can’t dupe because of the exact action you have to perform. If your guild got banned for duping, at least two people were involved. Sorry if that hurts or offends you but it’s a fact.

    • Shadow says:

      Good to know. So, then at least two people were cheating scum. Or the items bought were duped then placed in the bank, which is not an impossibility. Or there are other methods unknown to us that only takes one person.

  5. Greg Kelter says:

    So far, all the methods of duping involve two people doing something at the exact same moment (which I don’t wanna go into detail in case other people try it and it ends up working lol) but the server isn’t fast enough to realize that two people are performing the same action and thus creates a duplicate of the item. There was another one involving server transferring but it was patched 2 years ago and wouldn’t have anything to do with this. If you’re smart, you’ll figure out very quickly that there’s only one place in the game where two different people can access an item… (hint: it rhymes with build gank).

    • Shadow says:

      I know the method your talking about, pretty common in MMOs actually. Wouldn’t be that hard to duplicate with two accounts, just another hurdle.

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