Hackers, Developers, and Forums. Oh my!


There has been a whole lot going on of late in the world surrounding everyone’s favorite sandbox, EVE. It seems like real life is imitating art; stretches of relative quiet followed by moments of intense activity and drama. And we all get a front.row seat.

By now, I’m sure you have heard of the DDoS attacks on EVE, by the same group that have allegedly hit (to date), sites like League of Legends, CIA, Sony, and Facebook. I see them as a worthless group of hoodlums, striving for attention. The world will be better off when they are eventually caught and prosecuted. I won’t go any further than that commentary.

On the brighter side, CCP is putting out the beta of their new-again forums. They claim to have made tweak to both its usability as well as its security. Both things were clambered for in the previous iteration. I hope they last this time, as I actually enjoyed their previous life, sans the safety holes. In large part, I just want the current awful mess called a forum to go the way of the buffalo.

Lastly, CCP has made an intriguing move on the market of third party app developers. A lot of games have these fans who create tools to help alleviate perceived defects in game or meta-game functionality. Different studios support them to various degrees, and also respect then to differing levels. CCP is going to allow developers a commercial distribution licence, that if they choose to do so, will allow then to charge users/make money (read: ads) from their creation. HOWEVER, before you and I get our panties in a twist, a free non-commercial licence will also be available. It’s something that I am torn all over the place about, and in the end, I don’t think we will really know how it plays out until the reality is tangible in front of us.

Either way, with all this, and Incarna coming to the table in a week, New Eden is seeing some major upheaval. Exciting times.

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6 Responses to Hackers, Developers, and Forums. Oh my!

  1. Rer says:

    The licensing details are bad, really, really bad, thank god Zulu did a quick “oh shit throwback” after 32 pages and said “We won’t be doing this until we actually put thought into it”.

    Still debating doing a blog post about it but it’d probably just be filled with… anger.

    • Shadow says:

      I dont know. The worth of the setup depends on how the individual developers pursue it. As a concept, I kind of like the whole thing. It gives app developers recognition, ownership, choice, a stake in the bigger picture, and something possibly resume worthy. The biggest downside would be developers being business inept and charging stupid pricepoints for their products. Sure, things can remain as they are, but why not let the people who put work into the hobby see some return if they choose to take that risk? In a way, it fits into the games hyper capitalistic appeal, in a further case of life imitating art (again).

      • Rer says:

        I think your viewpoint on this differs from mine in the details. I’m all for letting 3rd party guys make money, but most of them aren’t for profit and have flat out said “If this happens, I’m shutting down.”

        Think of all the 3rd party things we use, EVE Kill, Battleclinic, DOTLan, EVEMon, most of those wouldn’t be able to survive in their currently iterations, and most *don’t* want to have to charge for their service in order to cover a stupid licensing fee.

        That’s just my viewpoint anyways.

  2. Rer says:

    Ah, foot in mouth sir, they’ve put an edit into the original:

    Non-commercial websites and apps will now require a (free) license

    Problem solved, please proceed đŸ˜€

  3. Serpentine Logic says:

    Allowing developers to profit from your IP: okay.

    Profiting from developers who offer stuff for free: not so okay.

    • Shadow says:

      The only profit CCP will receive from devs who offer it for free will be ilthe intangible retention that apps inherently create. Which is no different than the current reality.

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