WAR UI questions

Werit tipped me into this questionnaire from Mr. Casey.

1.  What method do you use to move around in game.  (ex. WASD, Arrow Keys, Mouse Button 1+2, etc.)

I also use a N52te game pad and had the d-pad mapped to the arrow keys. However, I also sometimes use the right+left mouse buttons to steer when my left hand is too busy.

2.  What method do you use to control your camera movement. (ex. 1st person mode, mouse RB, etc.)

Right mouse.

3.  What method do you use to fire off your abilities (ex. Click on abilities, click on number corresponding to hotbar, mouse buttons, etc.)

I have all my buttons mapped on my n52te.

4.  What method do you use to target your enemy targets (ex. Tab, click, combination, etc.)

I have a button mapped to cycle enemy targets. Very rarely, would I click on them, and when I had to, it made me angry every time.

5.  What method do you use to target your friendly targets (ex. Hotkey, click on person, click on group/warband, Function keys, etc.)

Click their name in group/warband.

6.  What method do you use to fire off your tactics/morales. (ex. Hotkey, click, etc.)

Mouse click – I always meant to bind them, but could never find the room for them on my game pad.

7.  What mods do you use to assist in any of the above and how do they benefit you? (ex. Squared, etc.)

Group icons for sure and unit frames (Pure) are a necessity. The actual method of  clicking and targeting was all done through base game functionality. I didn’t use any special assist mod or anything of that nature.

8.  Breakdown of your play sessions. (ex. 50% ORVR, 30% Scenarios, 20% PVE, etc.)

It was usually about 20% ORvR and 80% Scenarios.

9.  What one thing would improve your ability to control, target, or interact with the game? (please limit it one specific item)

Increasing the targeting range with tab/cycle target/etc… As I said above, I would get incredibly frustrated when trying to pick one guy out of a crowd from 100′ away on a ranged character. From that distance, the target to click was small, and usually jumbled with a bunch of other targets around them – and you could not cycle through targets to get them because the range on that function was about 65′ or so. It made me fume every time.

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2 Responses to WAR UI questions

  1. Rikker says:

    I’ve found the same issue with the N52, even though I do love it. Somehow, I just don’t have enough buttons for all of my abilities AND my morales. Pots I don’t mind clicking on, but having a full n52 except for one or two abilities could be frustrating at times.

    Also, I agree about the tab targeting.

  2. Sara says:

    Taransula raised a good point: how do you fire off tactics?

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