So, this is null space

My corporation in EVE has gone through a restructuring process. It was formerly two separate corporations, not in an alliance, that worked with each other and helped out where needed, one corp was PvE focus, the other was PvP. This allowed the PvPers to go around war-deccing other corps, and let our miners be left in safety, or as safe as you can be in EVE. It also let us fly as protection if needed and engage a target early without giving out rights to kill the asset under our wing. There were some negatives to the relationship, but on the whole it worked out pretty well. However, recently the decision was made to merge the two together, as attendance had been falling drastically on our PvP side, and they were unsure what else to do.

I took the opportunity to extricate myself from their association.

So, I went around looking for another corporation, and I have found my way into one in a good-sized alliance. My first night in, I made the 30-jump trip in my PvP drake to the stargate that lead to their base of operations. In null sec, -0.1 to be precise. Of course, I got there only to be told that someone had set up a blockade on the other side of the entrance. So… no go for me that night. That was Friday night. I haven’t been able to play since, between mother’s day, a friend’s birthday, a sick daughter, and finishing of Uncharted, I haven’t been able to log on for more than two minutes – just squeezing in this morning before work to update my skill queue.

I’m getting frustrated and anxious to get back in-game, start moving my assets, and really get in deep with these guys, because they have been around for a long time, and I think I have a lot that I can learn from them. My next console play-through may be put on hold a bit while I get to know this new corp and the ways of null-sec space.

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2 Responses to So, this is null space

  1. Rer says:

    Oooooo you’re coming into Null Sec! 😀 Who’re you working for, and what region? Also that big ol’ post of mine is done if you wanted to read it.

    Welcome to Null! 😀

    • Shadow says:

      I got into a corp with the Romanian Legion Alliance. Their Teamspeak server is interesting, and impressive a bit – verified access by API, and all the corps have different rooms. Accidentally going into one of the rooms where they speak only Romanian was a bit of a head trip.

      I’m heading over to MP to read the story right now!

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