Thinking about it…

The recent changes to the armor sets and level stuff has my curiosity piqued to jump back into WAR. It’s a feeling that’s been nagging at my ears since whispers of the changes started. Every time I hear it though, I remember the linearity of its design, the bugs that frustrated me, and hop into LoL, which >mostly< satisfies that PvP urge. I say mostly, because it lacks the progression of MMOs, as well as the world to play in. So, the whisper’s been getting stronger the last week, and I’m on the fence still of what to do.

I won’t discount that my recent internet problems are causing it to spring up as well, since, between Anonymous’ shitty actions with the Playstation Network and AT&T just generally sucking, I’ve been cut off from almost any internet gaming or leisure activities. Stir-crazy blogger is stir-crazy. Probably also why I haven’t written much this week.

Have a happy Easter everyone! Eat tons of candy, and find lots of eggs in remembrance of the Germanic traditions that spawned that particular rabbit.