Not so rock steady

If you’ll think back to way back when (or just follow this link), you’ll recall that I recently had some technical work done on my DSL like to improve stability. Shortly after, I got a new video card to reduce the awful noise coming from my tower. With the two big issues resolved, I settled into a happy routine – for about a week. After that blissful time period, performance degradation started to be apparent. Not of my video card, but in my internet connection.

Typically, I’m a very easy-going guy, and the type of customer that most companies probably want. I try to fix things as much as possible by myself, and if I am unable to do so, I’ll usually put off calling for a while. I’m sure this procrastination is a result of any companies carefully crafted plan of making customer service/tech support as bothersome, repetitive, and completely unhelpful as possible. Every call is a painful rehashing of the previous conversation, often with someone who speaks a different native tongue from you. The experience is worse in technical support, because each step/layer you get accelerated to, they try to walk you through the exact same “solution” procedures as the previous representative.

So, after going through every step that my understanding could handle, I dithered for a few weeks, dreading the eventual vocal battle of congeniality I was soon to have with AT&T. Yesterday though, I did it, I grit my teeth, and picked up the phone, and dialed the number. It was almost every bit as hellish of an experience as I thought, with one silver lining: the representative sounded like a native speaker. I still had to repeat everything to him, and go over the entire situation as I had to before, I was able to stop him from trying to convince me that I should power-cycle my modem  – further interrupting my service to fix interruptions isn’t a solution if it’s not a permanent fix. The good news after the whole ordeal, is that he was able to see that there were faults, or errors further up the line that are causing my disconnects, and that they would send out ANOTHER tech to try to fix it. Yes, Saturday works.

Shit, Saturday doesn’t work, and then I had to call them back for a reschedule and go through the whole process again…

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8 Responses to Not so rock steady

  1. Rer says:

    When I do my part-time customer support job over the summer, my #1 goal is to be as direct as possible. Having to go through the motions and being repetitive with customers isn’t great on our end either, makes us feel like drones :\

    • Shadow says:

      Yeah, I did the phone-support thing for AT&T for 6 months or so, and it was awful. However, I actually checked to see if notes were there from recent calls (tech issues tend to be recurring and happen in clusters so it’s rare-ish to get a fresh caller), and if so, to actually READ the notes, not ask the person to repeat everything they’ve probably already said 10 times before.

  2. Vyzix says:

    Id like to recomend walking away from AT&T. Aside from power cycling my modem every 2-4 weeks, I’ve had no problem with Verizons fios, highly recomended if its available in your area.

    • Shadow says:

      Sadly, fios is not available here at all, and I refuse to go to Comcast and watch my bill get jacked up by 5 bucks every other month.

  3. Rikker says:

    I know, I know, different legend, but when I saw that pic, all I could think of was Atlas.

    Atlas Shrugged, specifically… man I think I need to read that book again.

    Rikker’s Rule of Tech Support:
    It doesn’t exist. If you can’t fix it yourself, find a new carrier ;P.

    • Shadow says:

      BTW – I saw Atlas Shrugged part 1 in the theatres last Friday. It was surprisingly good considering it’s $10 million budget. Pretty accurate to the story in terms of dialogue and story. Good chunks of backstory were left out, like Dagny and Fransico’s child-hood, but it hit all the high notes. The acting was a bit on the week side but stronger than say, any Fantastic Four movie.

      • Rikker says:

        Oooh, awesome!

        I was looking at it – it only opens in 2 towns up here in CT (big surprise), both an hour away.

        I heard mixed doom and gloom, but the trailer gave me hope that they might have preserved the intent, despite missing details.

        Thanks for the heads up though, will definitely go check it out!

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