Money In, Money out

The economy of EVE, in a 24 hour snap-shot. This is from back in October of last year.

Trade Total

 * Market Transaction         5,848,221,406,963

 * Bounty Prizes                876,039,478,466
 * Agent Mission Reward          68,923,141,163
 * Agent Mission Time Bonus      63,450,447,585
 * Insurance Payouts            111,942,877,603

 * Sales Tax                      6,227,911,218
 * Brokers fee                    6,733,818,276
 * PI Construction Costs          7,575,185,000
 * PI Import Tax                    290,289,843
 * PI Export Tax                  3,355,153,925
 * Insurance Cost                43,021,823,156
 * Clone Activation              20,197,210,000
 * Sovereignty Bill              59,332,000,000
 * LP Store                     135,343,150,000

Pretty damn interesting if you ask me. It means there’s a bit less 840 billion ISK more going into the game than coming out, per day. HOWEVER, and that’s a big however – that’s only about 2.75 million isk per active account (at 300,000 accounts). When put in that perspective, doesn’t seem like much.

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2 Responses to Money In, Money out

  1. Jestor says:

    There is no way that people are only making 2.75 million per day. I made that by my second or third day in the game just by doing the starter missions. I also spoke with alot of people in game who have multiple accounts which can skew those numbers 🙂

    • Shadow says:

      Remember, that’s the increase in overall money in the game, just split across every player as an average to better conceptualize the increase. Yes, making money can come pretty easy, but dumping money can happen pretty quickly as well, especially if you’re getting poded a lot and using the LP store to buy new implants.

      Another note of interest: the difference between isk coming into-game, and going out-of-game is almost identical to bounty prizes for killing rats.

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