Future Incorporation

This is going to be a super-cheesy, super cheap display of upcoming EVE stuff. These videos are incredible to me, and in particular, the Future Vision teaser will probably get any sci-fi nerd geeking out like there’s no tommorrow. I can say this with some considerable authority, as I reached full-on geek-wood.

So follow the jump, and be hyped.

Teaser trailer, “Future Vision”. Just awesome.

New Turrets. I doubt anyone who doesn’t currently play will find this intersting.

New Nebulae. This one is downright gorgeous, but also very short.

My only real complaint about all of this, was the announcement that DUST514 will be console only. Despite my dedicated FPS consoling nature, I’m not entirely sure that it’s the right move for CCP. Maybe they have something sneaky planned, and I’m sure they are aware of more that’s going on than I. However, as an outsider, it seems less than optimal.

On top of that, we have our new CSM’s announced, and shocker, the Mittani is the chairman. Nothing like playing on the frustrations of the masses to get votes!

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