An incessant droning

During my prolonged exposure to something that could have only been the Plague, I did relatively little gaming. Preferring instead the comfort of bed and, more importantly, the close proximity of the facilities. I did however, catch up on a lot of my Netflix instant queue. I finally polished off the final season of 24 that I lost during the great DVR transition of 2010, main-lining the last 10 episodes in a single day of half-lucidity. My wife, who was never a particular fan of the show, watched the final one from behind the glow of her iPhone, and expressed extreme incredulity at the ending. On top of that, I killed the last 8 episodes of Farscape, season 2, and the first five of season 3. Still, my addiction to gaming never let go of its grasp on my attention, and a part of my mind is constantly leaning in that direction. So, when I did get to gaming, I had to choose between my current three choices. League of Legends, EVE, and Rift, and that’s the order of attention I gave them, from most to least.

Rift really commandeered very little of my time, not having a guild or other players to chat with is really hurting my enjoyment of the game I think, contrary to my previous beliefs. The solo-quest grind is nice, but really, it’s what I’ve done in every previous MMO for the last 6 years. I can see myself making this my primary PvE game, but I need to hook into a guild or something if that’s going to last, and decide if I want to stick with the Warrior archetype instead of going to the Rogue one. I’ve heard that the 30’s become more fun, because that’s when shared questing zones start to kick in between the two sides. Of course, I heard that the game picks up in the mid 20’s as well, so I’m not holding my breath.

In contrast, LoL and EVE were hard for me to pull myself away from. LoL, as always, is the typical insanely fun 45 minute burst of intense action. I almost always play Nidalee, but decided that I wanted to spread my horizons some, and have started trying out some other champions. Miss Fortune was decent fun, but felt too soft for my tastes, Sivir is a pretty decent hero too, but I think will take a bit more play and fine-tuning to really work on a build that’s optimizes her toolset. Sion and Mr. Mundo are incredible as tanks, and a lot of fun to play. The surprise for me, was Tristana, whom I had never played before, but ended up really enjoying for a game. I see a lot of potential for her as a laner, and as a team asset for setting up kills. She’s probably the champion I’m most interested in trying more and seeing what she can do in the next couple of weeks.

EVE I went into after not having played for a couple of weeks, and finished doing missions to finally purchase a Drake, and fit it out with a decent PvE setup. I’ve had a good L3 agent ready for a month or so now, so as soon as I was all fit, I jumped into the mission and was absolutely amazed at how strong of a tank this boat has. I realized how important that was once I had to fly 15km to an acceleration gate. The damn thing is a brick, a floating brick of missile-shooting death. I sat in the midst of an all-out assault from 15 rats, frigates and cruisers, laughing off the attacks as nothing more than an annoyance. My passive shield regeneration kept the red to a minimum as I sent salvo after salvo from near 70km away into the faces of fools who dared attack me. More importantly though, was the money. Between the bounties, the mission reward, and the salvaging afterwards, I was pulling in about 3-5 million isk a mission. That’s incredible compared to the L2’s I was doing before, where I was ecstatic if I cleared a million. The only downside to that income is the length of time it takes to acquire all the salvage, I don’t have any tractor beams, so my fastest option is to fit a Merlin and fly to the wrecks and do what I can to make it happen as quickly as possible. I’m hoping that after a little while I can afford a Noctis to speed things up.

The only fly in the ointment of the entire EVE situation is my Drake’s vulnerability to very fast frigates. They don’t do a lot of damage, but it takes 5 times as many volleys to kill one of them than it does to take out the much larger (and slower) cruisers. The little buggers are so fast, they can just circle around me, and ignore much of the blast from the missiles I send their way. The best response to this type of enemy is to send drones after them. I never wanted to train drones. In fact, I barely have a quarter million skill points put into drone skills – compared to my near 6 million in missile skills. The sad reality is that I’m going to have to use them as I move up the ranks in ship size. So, for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to have to learn all about these tiny pets I’ll carry around to sick on speedy enemy’s that come at me sideways.

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3 Responses to An incessant droning

  1. Rer says:

    Drones are highly, highly underrated. As a Gallente pilot the little bastards are my best friends ;D

    • Shadow says:

      I will say, everyone in my corps said something along the lines of, “I didn’t want to train them either, but once I did, I was very happy about it.”.

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