Coins in the machine

This is a great read.

Redirected to you here, from Lum, who also linked to a blog I’ve read before, that had an interesting take on it (read: one that I disagree with). In fact, Eric at EG seems to have many viewpoints, that I, as a gamer, disagree with fundamentally. It’s interesting to see someone who works in the industry, to hold such a consistently different opinion from my own.

I’ll leave it at that, because there’s a whole long philosophy/outlook/design perspective that could probably come out of this, that would be long and boring. I’ll just seriously suggest you follow the links for an amusing time.

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2 Responses to Coins in the machine

  1. Mr. Meh says:

    Can’t agree with you more.

    Though a good read, his definition of a griefer is to me ludicrous. Simply finding one loop hole isn’t griefing. Banning for griefing is also not an answer.

    To say you should punish gamers operating under the limits of the game to the means of their own enjoyment, and to punish them after the fact is a totalitariansim response and helps to solve neither the invironmental issues, nor the game play for any party.

    Your game allowed it. You notice that this is happening. Then do something to set a ‘rule’ against it. A process of banning as a means of example may impress Stalin himself, but is clearly not benificial to anyone. Not to your game, not to the community, not to your profits. His suggestions and definitions were almost enough for me to disregard his entire opinion.

    Players, despite quite often expressing how far superior in intellegence they are to the normal populace, are just as dumb. And if something allows them to do it, and its benificial or gratifying, then they will. Just like real life.

    Most players aren’t in an MMO for the purpose of being polite Timmy the friend maker of wonder land and lollipops. Most players are looking for a way to fuck skulls with a giant axe handle.

    I think a great deal of his comments are directed to small developers of indy games (of which I have no interest) but he uses a reference to EVE and shows just how biased he is in the department of Sandbox play and what griefing is. To his opinion, the entire universe of EVE is just filled with griefing. To which he is right in a way. But the game the entire game is built on the basis. Hundreds of Thousand subscriptions and 7 years later tells me that his opinion about controlling griefing as a means of having a successful game is a little off.

    Stop riling me up, Shadow! You instigator.

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