Realm of the Fair

Did my first dungeon in Rift this weekend: Realm of the Fae. I was level 19, and the tank for the instance, so I was definitely on the far side of the power spectrum it was intended for. My PUG group cut through it faster than a lightsaber through the fleshy neck of badly written bounty hunter. My overall description of the experience would be “fair”.

The second role I had purchased let me go with a Paladin primary soul which was a shield specialist according to the tooltip. I figured that’d be a good way to go for PvE, and made a sword/shield at the forge before heading in, so it was very “fair” in allowing the group to get going even though we originally didn’t have the right classes. The rules of the instance were fair, as in equitable.  Tanks tanked, DPS killed things, and healers kept us all alive. Pulls weren’t insane, pathing was fine, not a single mob bugged out. Most of the group had done this before, so they knew how the encounters were supposed to operate, and they worked exactly as expected. Kill left, kill right, kill center. Looting was fair, in the traditional need/greed/pass setup. The story was fair as well, nothing extraordinary. Elf-guy is unhappy with the guardians, and doesn’t think the Vigil will get the job done, so he’s going after an artifact to help him further his agenda of some, blabbity, blah, blah.

The highlight of the whole thing – it was QUICK. Once we got in there, we were done in well under an hour. For PvE – that’s a length of time I can strongly get behind. I hope that all instances in the game run as smoothly and quickly as this one. I can handle PvE like that in a game. In WAR I hated the PvE, they got the “length” of their dungeons right, but the time never was what it should have been because you were endlessly dealing with bugs that invariably set back your completion time. In Rift, I may be able to tolerate it if I can say to my wife, “This will take an hour (45 min, 90 min, or whatever)”, and then it actually take that much time to finish.

I’ve JUST broken into Gloamwood, so open world PvP hasn’t been hopping yet, but I have kept at the warfronts. Guardian PUGs are pretty terrible in there, but they seem to do somewhat better in The Codex than the do in Black Garden.

On a final, unrelated note: my video card has been somewhat stable since I pulled it out of my case and blew the thick, black dust off the fan. The damn thing is still loud, and I hear it struggling at times, and making noises that I associate with a death rattle or a ”  *   ” in a comic book chat bubble. So I’m looking at relatively cheap video card replacements, nothing more than $75 or so. Right now, my eye is on thisthis, or this. The last I’m a bit sketchy on as it’s “re-certified”. I’m somewhat limited for two reasons. My power supply is only 350W, and there is fuck-all for space in there, so huge mega-fans that protrude past an extra expansion slots depth isn’t going to happen (I may be able to remove the capture card I have and release that restriction though). I’m trying to make sure that whatever I get will fit within those parameters. I’m leaning towards the first, the GT430. There’s no SLI, but that’s not a negative for me, as my motherboard only has the one PCIe slot, so a second video card is an impossibility.

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6 Responses to Realm of the Fair

  1. Grimnir says:

    AMD has some pretty good entry level GPU’s right now. There’s a couple 5670’s on Newegg for 75$. Performance would be much better than the ones you listed and your PSU would still be able to handle it.

    • Shadow says:

      I looked around, and couldn’t find a single 5670 that had specs calling for less than a 400W PSU. Any links to one that calls for less?

  2. Rikker says:

    Firefly reference ftw.

    Damn you, you’re making me want to leave the dying RVR fun zone that is WAR, and move to the PVE-ish Rift… if only to experience some of that “new/different” feel again.

    As far as video cards go, depending on your budget you may want to consider rebuilding from the ground up. It sounds like everything you’re going to be doing now will require more power, a better card, more RAM, etc….

    I don’t know what your situation is, but it’s probably something to consider.

    • Shadow says:

      I really miss the PvP/RvR wonderland of WAR sometimes. But I really, really don’t miss the all the problems that exist in the game. It’s like the first time I put on glasses, I didn’t realize how bad the problem was until the problem no longer existed. Hopefully, when I get my new card in, I can get back to playing/leveling in the new level 20+ zones and experience stronger world PvP and instanced PvP.

  3. VonPlinkPlonk says:

    Tbh if you are on a budget then I would consider getting a psu first. The machine maybe running slow because of all of operations it is required to run. psu’s never deliver their full power if they get hot; they are not designed to boil water. Then get another fan and point it right at gpu.

    • Shadow says:

      I gave that sincere consideration, until my GPU died on me again last night, and ended my gaming session before it even began. The motherboard video card is crap, so the immediate need saw a shift to, “The the video card now.”

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