…Aw fuck

I don't have any actual animosity towards this kid. I do think it's funny that so many people express such intense dislike for him. To me, he's a non-entity, and I probably wouldn't recognize him if I saw him on the street without a throng of weeping tween girls.

[Edit: WordPress gets wonky when adding pictures with captions. By wonky, I mean, it likes to chop out chunks of  an intro, like this introductory paragraph that Beiber gobbled up. If my post seemed like it was starting out in the middle of a conversation, that’s because it was. Sorry about the mix-up!]

I was happily going about my weekend, doing things that I do. I got my Shadowknight in EQ progression server to 18. Was happy about that. I should have just been content with that. I should have just kept on rolling with the leveling, and continued to enjoy the social atmosphere of playing a game that actually reinforces group cooperation. I should have, but I didn’t.

When I knew I only had a bit of time for short-term play, I was jumping into EQ2. I played around a bit on a new character, and then on a level 39 alt I had, and eventually on my old 80 Shadowknight – and I just wasn’t having fun. There’s too many abilities, my old standby UI (Profit) has gone out of date it seems, and I can’t even update collection quests with it. Mostly, my issue was just too many abilities. Three hot-bars of combat abilities, and at least one of buffs – it’s absurd how much there is. The only thing that keeps me coming back to EQ2 is the housing. What SOE did with housing in that game is amazing, and the level of integration with the rest of the game should be lauded. Beyond that, the ingenuity of players to craft amazing looking homes is some of the best emergant creativity I have seen in any game.

So, my eye kept straying to that Rift icon. After my post on Friday, I was kind of curious to get the first hand experience with the queue. I still had the headstart active from a pre-order I had put with the game a bit back as a “just-in-case” measure, and as a way to ensure a name-grab. All the tweets about the game weren’t exactly pushing me away from the game, and there is nothing like that new-launch smell…

So yeah, I jumped in and played a bit. Not on Deepstrike, like I had planned so I could play with Rivs. No, there was a 4 hour queue, and well, fuck that. I wasn’t committing to a long queue for a game I wasn’t sure I was going to stick out for anything past headstart. Especially not for quick and short play sessions. So, without a second thought or frustration, I jumped into another PvP server: Fae-something-or-other. Quickly spun up a rogue, and got going.

This is where the “Aw fuck” part of the conversation comes in. The game was good. Really good. I knew it was decent before, but nothing grabbed me personally on it. I thought back during beta 3, that this game was the first that could actually contend with WoW, and now I think so even more. For reasons just beyond its good timing and Cataclysm’s overall “meh” reception, the game is super-refined, super-polished, and then polished some more. This is beyond just what we saw in the beta. They really have done an incredible job of tweaking and giving subtle shifts during the closed and open beta to sort out all the loose bits and pieces.

I had forgotten how fun it was to play a game that just works.

During my play, there was a part in the back of my head cataloging and being attentive to the reality that I was becoming lost in my gameplay. That when I eventually emerged out of the session to respond to some bodily necessity, I would look at the clock and go, “Holy shit, I lost track of time.”. My cognizant mind though, was muting that portion of the brain, and telling it to stay the hell back in its corner of subconsciousness. So, the game was insanely fund, and it has given me that itch of advancement that is the driver behind any PvE game.

However, and this is a big however, now that I’ve had time apart from the game, and a chance to look over the situation more dispassionately – I still don’t know if I want to play the game. As it stands right now, Rift is a PvE game at its core, even on the PvP servers. In 13 levels of playing, the only PvP I saw was in the one warfront I played, which is sad to me. Additionally, there are design elements of the game that were made without consideration to the PvP aspect – like identifying targets by appearance. Perhaps some of these issues clear up later on, but I hate going through a game only to find out that the post-cap play is lacking. In Rift, the potential is there for both the PvE and the PvP to fall flat in the end – and that doesn’t work for me. As much as I love the journey of leveling, I tend to play the end-game of any MMO I partake in, and if that isn’t available, I don’t want to waste my time.

Bah, I’m getting rambly and tangential. Suffice to say, I’m giving a renewed consideration to Rift as a possible game-play option, but I’m still hesitant without being sure how the end is going to play out. I’m willing to go to two subs at once for a PvE and a PvP MMO, I was just thinking that was going to be EQ and EVE (this month I had three subs, just to see which of the EQs I wanted). Now, my whole mix of subs is being thrown into question, and I hate that.

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5 Responses to …Aw fuck

  1. Gankalicious says:

    You hit on one of the things I really disliked about the RIFT pvp- I had trouble identifying targets. It was so easy in WAR where the classes were distinctive and easy to spot from miles away. In RIFT I had no idea who was who. I got a bit better druing the Alpha testing at it but overall I feel that RIFT pvp isn’t really that great. It was added on and it definitely feels like it.

    That said I did find that when I played, I didn’t notice the time either, but when I stopped I really didn’t feel the urge to log in. I’ve only logged 4 mins thus far so that says something- mostly that I don’t want to que up, or choose a server that will be dead in 2 months when people leave en-masse as they eventually will.

  2. Alchemda says:

    A few pointes. First off, you wont get into much PVP until Scarlet George which is 20+. That zone is like the way War was set up, 1 zone, each faction start on each end and natural progression is to center where a sort of lake is.

    Second starting 20+ each zone has pvp ward stones that you can take, also you can take the other factions quest hubs. Imagine.. taking over their quest hub and ensuing a major battle to try to take it back… FUN.

    Second, Scott hartsman said himself if there was enough interest in it he would add overworld objectives and bonus’s. There have been two threads, together they had 20,000 views and over 2,000 replies.

    PvP was an afterthought in the game I think, but they listen to their community and I think with over half the servers being pvp servers, they will add some goodies.

    Hell on my server I was crafting and then 20 defiants came in and started killing everyone. The entire area rallied to eradicate them. It was quite intense. Not only do you have to defend from the planes attacking hubs, but people too.

    Give it some time, make it to high 20’s , if your not digging PVP then, well it may not be your bag. Honestly I think they are going to make the Port Scion a lvl 50 open PVP zone. Will be AWESOME.

    • Shadow says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to see that the potential is definitely there, and I KNOW that they have some developers there that have a strong appreciation for the PvP aspect of MMOs. I’m definitely going to give it a twirl to the higher levels (not as if that’s hard) and see how it goes.

      The one upside to modern themeparks, is that the ride usually doesn’t take very long.

  3. Jestor says:

    Not to be the next option but I have found the “motherload” of subscription packages recently.

    Planetside Next

    All this plus some crap games for 30 bucks. I love my station pass. Two PVE games, one mixed game and “next month” one strictly PVP game. You can’t go wrong!

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