I don’t say goodbye

I’m not one for making “I quit” posts, or “goodbye to you all!” type stuff seeking validation in others by fishing for comments about how I’ll be missed. I like to just let things occur naturally over time, and whatever ends up being, well, is. As I mentioned in a post earlier, I haven’t played WAR in a while, and was surprised to find my sub had run out. I have chosen not to renew it. That’s not to say I never will again, or that I’m done with the game forever and all eternity, but for the time being – I’m done with the game.

Similar to my time in EQ2, I played for a long time, did a lot, and still go back time-to-time to poke about (as I’m doing today with the new expansion since I skipped the last one). I suspect that my relationship with WAR will probably go that way, or maybe it will grab me by the throat again at some point and I won’t be able to pull myself away. I’m sure EA – BioWare/Mythic would like that too, though I’m sure they are pretty content having a person who preorded the CE at launch, had probably close to 30 months of total month subs payed between two accounts, and two of the RvR pack bundles purchased for said accounts. I don’t say that to try to make myself come off as a superior customer, merely that I think that any company would have been glad to have that kind of customer, and I know I’m not the only one who falls into a similar profile.

I read somewhere that the decider of whether your time has been well spent is if when you look back, you can say to yourself, “I am content with my decision.”. As it comes to WAR, I can easily say that. In the fullness of everything that came about because of WAR, I’m content with my decisions, and look fondly at the last two years, without bitterness or resentment. So, I say, without guile or attempt at deception: those of you still playing – I hope you continue to enjoy the game, and those who have left – I hope you enjoy playing SOMETHING.

It should go without saying, that I’m not done blogging, and more specifically, I’m not done blogging here. This was, and still is, my place for me to talk about my thoughts on gaming, and to have a recorded transcript of my life as a gamer, and hopefully talk to other hobbyists. Nothing has changed in that department.

So long WAR, and thanks for all the fishes.


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6 Responses to I don’t say goodbye

  1. Jestor says:

    You get some bonus points today for the Douglas Adams reference 🙂

  2. Rivs says:

    Truly an end of an era. I enjoyed the early days of WAR, and I will cherish those memories, and you are a part of those.

    I look forward though to the new chapter that lies ahead of you.

  3. Tarquin says:

    Not a goodbye post, but goodbye?

    Who is the fishing dig aimed at?

    Not many war bloggers left :/ just werit isnt it?

    • Shadow says:

      I’ts a “so long for now – and I’ll probably be back later for a pickup game”. And the other comment wasn’t aimed at anyone, more of a general statement about a common practice found across the internets as it relates to gamers/forums/communitys/leavings.

      As for people still writing about WAR (even Werit was never exclusive to WAR), Ekalime at Hypothetical WAR is stillgong strong, Forjador is still creating great pieces at Portrais of WAR, Thehealeroftru is still the typical overactive, mile-a-minute teenager WAR blogger, and Tarelthar is still talking about WAR. There are others too that are still going, but yes, the population is dwindling.

  4. Gankalicious says:

    Welcome to the retired war-vets club…….an ever-growing club of late it seems.

  5. Rikker says:

    1) Agreed: Bonus points for Douglas Adams.
    2) I think I’m joining you. Last night I logged in, looked around, saw nobody on that I wanted to play with, couldn’t muster the energy to play alone, and said “F*** it..”, … and went and reinstalled Heroes of Might and Magic V, and played that all night. I think… that says something.

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