Something there that wasn’t there before

I'm a dad, I play disney for my daughter in the car. She loves it. Get over it.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, last night was the opening of the open Beta for Rift. You may also recall my relatively luke-warm reception of the game. I’ve said it elsewhere, but I can’t recall if I explicitly stated it here, I had zero intention of playing the game at launch, or after launch. It was a good, clean, crisp, well polished rehashing of everything I’ve done in the past in every other themepark fantasy game. My excito-meter wasn’t exactly breaking the glass. In fact, I hadn’t even played any of the close beta’s beyond the third when I made my UI video, my disinterest was that low.

Last night, saw me in the game. A strange confluence of events left me with no other outlet of MMO-dom. Both EVE and CoH had patches to download that required a whole 10s of minutes, and I’m damned if I’m going to wait around that long to play a game. My wife was happily dominating time on our PS3, playing the copy of Katamari Forever I got for her birthday. WAR, I found out, my subscription had ended, and I didn’t feel a particular urge to re-up, as I hadn’t even played in a number of weeks, and couldn’t recall when my sub had actually expired (I’ll revisit this later).  So, I looked at my Rift icon, thought, what the heck, I’ll start the patcher and see which game wins in the patch-race.

Rift finished first.

So, I jumped into the game, expected my closed beta characters to be wiped clean, but was surprised to see they were not. So, I had to decide if I wanted to keep playing my level 20 cleric, 10 rogue, or try out the fighter archetype that I had only gotten to level 4. I vacillated a bit, thinking I didn’t want to replay the levels, but also wanting to give my typical tank/fighter playstyle a go in this game. So, I broke down, jumped on that level 4 Bahmi, and jumped into the fray.

The primary soul I chose was Reaver, and my second was void knight. When I got my third I picked champion. My goal here was to see if I could find a playstyle similar to that of my Shadowknight in EQ2. A two-handed death knight. Life taps, big swords, and EEEEEEEvil. From what I can tell, I was able to do so, and the title of my primary soul seemed like a pretty good clue. One of the big defining abilities for the Shadowknights in EQ2 was “Reaver” and the word was a title for the class based on AA purchases. As a soul, it seems like it is based mildly on lifetaps while also being a good deal more defensively oriented. I think that combining it with a more offensively positioned soul will provide a good balance between the two.

So, along I went, with my Shadowknight-in-Rift, jumping like a gummibear with my new racial “fun” ability, and just having a decent time. There had been some more UI tweaks and refinements such as moving currency to the character sheet, and including a little gem-gauge on your HUD that’s there for something. Tons of people were all over, collision was very evident, and the game ran like butter. I didn’t kill myself on playing it last night, I merely went from level 4 to 9, but I had a good time. I walked away though, very content and pleased with my play.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but what had played before as an overly average, and typical game, with nothing to really grab me, came off as a good bit of fun. I’m not saying that I’m going to get the game and play it at launch now, but I’m changing my opinion on definitely never playing it. I’ll give this open beta a bit more time, and HOPEFULLY get to take part in some PvP and see how that goes, as that is so far the one thing that still makes me grind my teeth. The inability to join in PvP from level 1 is an aspect of WAR that I really miss. In fact, up through level 9, I am still completely unable to join a Warfront/Scenario/whatever the hell it’s called. Once I leave the newbie-tutorial-prologue-future-story, I want to be able to pit myself against the enemy. Unless that gets fixed, that will be one glaring strike against the game. It may be mitigated by the late game and PvP proliferation, but the limitation will remain.


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2 Responses to Something there that wasn’t there before

  1. Rikker says:

    Bah, anyone who can’t enjoy Disney movies has lost touch anyway ;P. There’s always something for adults in there too, that’s what made them great.

    You may have convinced me to retry the Beta here. I was going to write it off as wow-clone #437, and sit in WAR as it crumbled around me… but maybe I’ll check out this beta week instead. Here’s hoping for good PVP, and hope you find the game you’re looking for!

    • Shadow says:

      Last week, on an episode of Sesame street, Elmo called Mr. Noodle and his sister “…real good swingers.” I almost spit out my pop.

      MMO related: Give Rift another go. It’s free, and you may be surprised. It could just be that I found a soul combo that works for me. Either way, I’m not going to be jumping on the bandwagon till I get to try out more of the PvP for sure.

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