Mixed bags are fun bags

I’ve been having to approach the way that I play EVE of recent a lot differently. Previously, I came at the game, from a PvP standpoint, more like I did an FPS or WAR. I would go find someone, and if the coast seemed reasonably clear, I’d give the fight a go. Usually, I’d be flying in my PvP fit Rifter (a frigate), and frequently, I’d (unknowingly) be taking on a battlecruiser. The end result was commonly to my detriment. The outcome of all these bad decisions learning experiences is that, at 11.5 million skill points, I had, and I shit you not, a mere 600k isk. So, I reevaluated the way I was playing, and refocused on a money-making aspect I had let slide.

I had spent much of time in game just looking to PvP. I was trying to get the PvP fix with every logon, and it was driving me broke. So, about two weeks back, I sat down and researched and discussed with my corp, what I need to do differently. As seemingly with all things in EVE, I was merely not obtaining or using the information available to make wise decisions, mixed with a dash of inexperience. The afore-mentioned frigate v. battlecruiser fights? Could have been avoided if I just examined the ship, and checked out the pre-reqs to see what class it was. Of course, with more experience and exposure to the game, I’ll have all the various ship names and their related type memorized. Apparently, if I want to take out those BCs, I’ll need at least an assault frigate – but even then it can be touch and go.

On top of that, my security status had been getting absolutely tanked, because I was the one insitigating a fight a lot – and that means Concord (the police force), was viewing me as a criminal. Putting another mark against me in there eyes. With a low sec stat, various systems with more heavily enforced police forces were off limits for the most part. Traveling through them becomes a risky game of “how fast are you”, and staying in them to dock at a station is suicide. Sadly, I found out most of that the hard way as well. Lossing many millions in fully fit cruisers. So, there I was, tons of skill points, and nothing but the change in my virtual pocket clinking away. The nice thing about Eve is that nothing is beyond salvage.

Including the ships of the pirates I kill. Slurms over at Multiplaying has been sorta-bit by the EVE bug, and was asking about things to do in game. I left a comment about salvaging the wrecks of the enemies you can kill. This can be a VERY profitable venture, but it requires a bit more time investment to your play-time. The quasi-hypocritical aspect of my comment, is that until just a few days before, I had completely forgot/neglected/spaced-out on the boon salvaging can be to a pocket book. On level 2 missions, with around 20 destroyed ships, I was walking out with an extra half to 1.5 million isk in salvage – compared to the mission itself paying (with bonus) at MOST 600k. That’s a damn fine return, and helped me rebuild my pocket book to poor, but not destitute levels. I’m hoping that I can have the money to buy and fit out a Drake by this weekend. I suspect it will cost somewhere between 45-65 million isk (complete SWAG – haven’t priced it beyond the cost of the boat), of which I have around 16 million.

A lot of this has probably come off as minutia and jargon-rific, but the point was to express how playing EVE takes a completely different approach to MMO gaming, and specifically PvP gaming. It almost requires some PvE to get going at least, and can be extremely profitable to do so. It’s a mixed bag of game play, but it’s enjoyable. There’s a whole other tangent I could go into here about games providing the freedom of PvP evolving out of PvE encounters or activities, but I’ll save that for a rainy day.


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8 Responses to Mixed bags are fun bags

  1. Werit says:

    When I left, my Drake was worth around 100 million, so you can expand those suckers pretty far.

    • Shadow says:

      The boat itself goes for just under 30 million isk. Obviosuly, if I fit it out in all T2 and apply T2 rigs, the price can jump pretty high. For now, I’m just thinking named launchers and fits. I just need to decide between Heavy Assault Missiles Launchers or Heavy Missile Launchers. The assault are MUCH better for PvP, but the others rule PvE, and I’m thinking that I want to do my PvP in assault frigates – specifically the Hawk since rockets are pretty darn good now.

      • Mr. Meh says:

        Whoa Whoa Whoa … “T2 Rigs.” T2 Rigs only give you one thing … a great laugh when you read the killmail. Short of the most expensive ship ever, you don’t buy those, T1 rigs only. And using them on T1 frigs is … expensive, depending on the rig.

        A Drake should cost you about 100 million when you are done outfitting. Heavy luanchers for Nano Drakes only in PvP, HAM drake is the only drake most know 😀 You just can’t beat a good HAM Drake, practically literal.

        Rfiter’s are good miner hasslers, and good at taking on pretty much any other Frig, and some Cruisers. A good Cruiser might be able to take on a BC, but Frigs, T2 or not will have a problem. No matter what, a BC is going to get you every time. The likelihood that they don’t keep a Nuet handy for frigs is unlikely. As well, if nothing else, their drones will eat you down, before you can even get through their Shields. AFs are good tacklers while having a bit of a tank and DPS, so that support can come in and kill the BC you tackled. But 1 on 1, ain’t happening, short of the BC being AFK.

        Most Cruisers should be able to take down Frigs, let alone BCs should have almost no problem. If they are in a belt, then they are probably ready for you. If you wanna solo in the belts, then you probably wanna setup in a cruiser or a BC yourself. Frigs are hard to solo with, and it takes a lot of judging to know when its time to get out. Frigs have their place, but its in fleet.

        I personally hate Frig flying. I lost my favorite Ishkur last night hoping that I could Hero hold a Rupy long enough for support to arrive. His 2 Nuets killed that expectation. And consequently me. But hey, 1 ishkur loss, versus 6 BS, 4 BC,6 Cruisers and 1 Carriers kill is what I call a goodnight.

        • Shadow says:

          That’s a shame, because I LOVE flying frigates – their just so damn fast. I was really hoping to get into a Hawk as my main PvP ship (unless/until I finish cross training into a Wolf or Jaguar). Thanks for the heads up about the T2 rigs, I’ve never actually even looked at them, after seeing how expensive the T1 ones were, and knew they are out of my reach for a LONG time.

  2. Gankalicious says:

    Skip the missions- go Ninja Salvager and you often get the opportunity for pvp when they shoot at you 🙂

  3. Gankalicious says:

    Yup, that’s what they all do 🙂

    Check out the infmaous ‘My Loot, Your Tears’ blog and join the suddenly ninja’s chat in-game. They are surprisingly nice…but not so much to mission runners!

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