BioWare & Friends

If you’re a reader of BioBreak, you’ve probably seen Syp’s latest update about some happenings between BioWare and its fansites. Obviously, as a blogger myself, and as a participating member of the new blog/media conundrum, I find it to be of interest how BioWare is handling this. From the revision that Syp provided after speaking with BioWare, it seems that the limitation won’t be so much in the form of interaction, but in official sponsoring. If you’re familiar with Warhammer, you’ll remember that every so often, Andy would do a blogger role-call, linking out people who wrote blogs primarily about WAR. It was a great honor to be chosen to be on those lists, and a great way for the game to show love to it’s blogging community (something Mythic always excelled at).  Those type of actions, or even participation in similar promotional events, will likely NOT be happening. No holocrons with symbols as part of a decipher puzzle will be included if you have adds on your blog.

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I’ve gone rogue

I >almost< went with the 5th google-image result of "dual pistols", but changed my mind.

I have been playing a lot of the various MMOs out on the market that are F2P. The big shocker: they’ve all been PvE! *GASP* Honestly, it’s more because that’s what I can find, because PvP is niche (and my itch is well scratched by EVE and BFBC2). Beyond that though, the only F2P that seemed worthwhile to me so far, at a base level without any extra spending, has been LotRO. Whether that’s because it’s one I have little experience with so I don’t know what the “full” version is like, or because it is genuinely the best example of what the market has to offer, is something I’ll leave to the reader to decide. For me, the models of CO and EQ2 are just uninviting to a fun experience for me. That said, I wanted to explore a bit more fully something I mentioned in passing a few posts back.

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