Fuck this Noise

Dick Wolf - you know, the Law & Order guy

I’m late to the game on this, but I read an article that finally set me off.

It started a week ago when I read this at Lum’s. Which lead me to this breakdown timeline. It involves a whole slew of controversy sparked by one person, who completely missed the point. Which lead me to the above linked blog entry, and more specifically, this line of instruction:

I am sorry.  Upsetting you was not my intention.  I clearly need to educate myself more about this issue.  Thank you for telling me about this and raising my awareness.  And again, I’m sorry.

Which is complete drivel, and utter horseshit. Honestly, it astounds me at times how one person can so completely miss the reality of a situation as to type out crap writing like that. Most specifically, it’s this portion that boggles my mind:

I clearly need to educate myself more about this issue.

No, I clearly don’t need to do anything.

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