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I had a decent weekend. Wife’s birthday saw  us with friends at a new-to-us sushi place, where we were loud. People were throwing evil-eyes at us. Screw them, I enjoyed my hot sake, edamame, and spicy tuna. My mother-in-law was kind enough to let our daughter spend the night at her place so we could entertain and enjoy ourselves. After dinner, said friends came over, and had a few drinks while playing some really amusing games. One game, called Pass the Popcorn, had my wife at grabbing my shoulder and shaking my arm like a rag-doll while screaming, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuckity-fuck fuck! FUCK!”. I heard my shirt tear.

Last night, like every other red-blooded American, I was watching the super-bowl (mostly). All I wanted was for the Packer’s to lose, good commercials, and maybe a decent half-time show. I failed to receive any of that. The Steelers lost despite a commendable second-half recovery, the best commercial was a Pepsi Max commercial of some blonde getting hit in the head with a pop-can, and the half-time show was god-awful bad  as it was plagued by technical issues (why in the world didn’t a couple of the 100s of white-jump suit wearing extras sneak extra mic’s on stage, or maybe the crew standing under the platform?), all covered with a terrible impersonation of Axel Rose by a shim wearing a sparkly approximation of football pads. But the food was good.

Game-wise, I got through some of my F2P trials. EQ2X I didn’t even try after giving a good look at the subscription models. Their structure of tiers seemed so awful bad, that just reading them I felt punished as a gamer. SKIP. In LotRO, I played a Warden through the introductory story-area-thing. Similarly to when I tried the game a couple of years back, it’s very pretty on a visual “world” level, the UI still feels a bit ugly and ramshackle (though better than before), and I don’t feel constant pressure to partake in the cash shop – yet. Champions online however, I nixed completely as a F2P. I couldn’t turn a corner without being slapped in the face with the realities of my sub-optimal status (seewhatIdidthere?), from bags to character building, it just seemed like Atari was standing with their hand-out at every turn.

Surprisingly, my less-than-satisfied interaction with CO (and a some chatter from another blog) got me thinking again about CoH, their new(ish) Going Rogue expansion, and fond memories of playing the game in the past. So, in a sudden impulse of MMO-comic-gammerdom-weakness, I picked up a copy and created a new account with it – not wanting to pay an additional $15 for a month of play on top of the $40 on the xpac. I’ll say this about NCSoft – my usual disdain for them has a soft spot for their work with CoH. They really do a great job of continuing to push the game forward in the same direction as they started, and on improving the game. Visually, Praetoria is astounding, and story-wise, I’m intrigued a bit by their implementation of choice and consequence. I’m curious to see how far out that implementation of consequential choice will be carried out through the game, but for now, it’s neat to see the impact.

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2 Responses to (Some) non-topical topics

  1. Rikker says:

    Damn you. Now I want sushi.

    I also share your disappointment in the commercials, but we skipped the half-time show in favor of Super Smash Bros: Brawl ;P.

    Glad you had a good time at the wife’s birthday!

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