Birthday’s are like game development

My wife’s birthday is coming up. As I’m sure many other husbands have gone through, my wife is one of those that says, “Don’t get me anything, there’s nothing I really want.”. So, we as husbands, are then left walking the delicate wire of interpreting the actual meaning behind the cryptic words delivered by our estrogen-fueled counterparts. Sadly, all of our decoder rings are wasted on Ovaltine commercials, so women of the world should really know by now that we need them to speak to us truthfully. However, this tight-walk roping of decrypting intent of message from actual delivered message is something that players and developers do in games all the time.

Players will speak up vocally about a situation, chiming in from all over. However, because of our (players) lack of understanding of the process of making a game, we often to fail to have proper perspective for the obviously brilliant ideas we throw out there. And when these constant pearls are discarded as refuse by the swine of a games developers, getting frustrated and angry might make sense. Much as my wife might get a bit miffed if I show up on her birthday without a card, even though a card clearly falls within the category of “anything”.

Developers, still being the silly mortals that they are, make mistakes at times, and are not always clear about their intent or target on the implementation of their activities. Frequently, when a developer releases an update stating that they intend to make “X & Y more enjoyable”, or “Adjust the blahbity of blah” the playerbase expects it to mean something else entirely, often diametrically opposed to what is actually going to happen. Sometimes, developers are just not available to report daily PTS reports to the information-chomping jaws of their playerbase.

When it comes to how games are delivered and how games are recieved, I think that all parties involved could stand to be a little bit more clear, precise, and honest about exactly what it is they want to give/receive. That honesty means being honest with yourself as well. If you’re a developer and you can’t provide a realistic date for the release of something, say so. If you can’t deliver a strong game experience on one front because it’s not the  focus of the game, say so. If, as a player, I think I want PvP gameplay, but can’t handle the idea of losing or being outmatched/ganked/outnumbered, maybe PvP isn’t what you want. If you’ve only ever played one MMO for any noticeable amount of time, maybe you just like the one game, and not the genre itself. Maybe my wife didn’t really want to take up the photography hobby the year I bought her books and a camera, maybe she just liked the idea of the hobby.

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