Manifest Destiny

Andy Belford, community man, touch point, and herder of cats for EA BioWareMythic (how’s that for a name amalgamation!?) for the last two years is following in the footsteps of our nation’s founders, and moving west. He announced on Twitter LATE last night that he is no longer part of the team in Fairfax, and will be taking his family west to pursue a career opportunity, as well as be closer to some family.

As a blogger whose primary focus was WAR for two years now, and a player since launch, I’ll be sad to see him leave for other pastures, but am nothing if not thankful for the amazing job he has done over WAR. He’s a self-proclaimed advocate for communities, and for using all the tools available to reach communities on any front possible. I got personal attention along with Werit, Gaarawarr and Mykiel when we went for our trip out there before the city revamps, and can say that meeting him was a pleasure. A tireless worker, an obviously dedicated father and husband, and an interesting conversationalist – his dedication to the task of fostering a community should be easily seen in all his actions. As a core-tester I got to see in more detail some of his work ethic and outlooks on gaming in general. While there may be some areas of disagreement (as with any two people on one subject matter), it’s clear that he is a consummate professional and passionate about the industry he is immersed in.

Oft derided by the forum community, he frequently was the only point of contact for players on the official threads, delivering what information he could.He frequently intertwined a wry tweak or spin on message deliveries with a sense of biting sardonic humor, or self-deprecating amusement (pig-dog overlord). Wherever he ends up, will be better for having him as a member of their team, and I’m sure he’ll exceed goals and show the same level of commitment as he has in the past.

Best of luck on your travel west, keep the oxen fresh, and watch out for those river crossings.


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One Response to Manifest Destiny

  1. Rikker says:

    I noticed this in-game yesterday, that there is a general “bad feeling” towards the man who was clearly simply the Community Relations guy. He didn’t make the plans, he didn’t code, he didn’t do anything except TALK to the players, yet he’s the one who gets the crap. Bah.

    Hope everything works out for him,

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