Get what you pay for

The irony is not lost on me.

The free version of Champions Online epitomizes that phrase. A game that was (as I see it) all about crafting your own unique superhero, freedom to be who you want and what you want, reduced to premade builds, and not even a strong assortment of builds. There was an ice guy and a fire guy. A “specialist” (read: Deadpool) and a sword guy. A telepath, but not a telekinetic. An archer and a soldier. A few more, but really, a “meh” selection overall. I tried to play it for a couple of minutes last night, but couldn’t get past the first few quests in the intro. When I saw the selection of possible choices had nothing to interest me, it completely deflated my ambition to continue. I may go back and give it another whirl, or possibly see about converting my existing character on my other account, so I don’t have to go through the low level stuff again, but I won’t hold my breath on that.

So I went and played some Black Ops on my PS3 (AndrewSquared on the PSN), and got raped a little more gently than usual. At least I knew what I was getting going into it.

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One Response to Get what you pay for

  1. Pitrelli says:

    100% agree and i stumped up for the deadpool build out of the cash shop. The initial 9 levels were pretty fun however I then came up against a boss whom i just couldnt beat no matter what i tried. Im now left with a not so superhero with no stars to his name.

    Meh. Am gonna re sub to AoC tonight as f2p games just aint pushing my buttons. Even lotro f2p isnt doing it for me.

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