Free you say?

Capitulating to my spanish-speaking demographic

Lately, my ability to jump into a game and play for long sessions has been on the far low side. I’ve also not been getting an urge to play MMOs in general. I’m just on a lull for the genre right now I think. So, I’m going to take the next couple months to spend my MMO time participating in an aspect of the industry I’ve formally been completely dismissive of: free to play. Yes, the payment model I loathe and despise, I’m going to give it a fair shake that I denied it in the past. In fact, I’m going to do more than that, I’m going to play what SHOULD be the best of the crop of F2P by playing games that were originally designed as AAA subscription-based MMOs, and then converted to the dastardly deviants of the despicable cash shops. Some of these are games I played for a while in the past, others are games I gave their free trial a whirl before it’s conversion. So, as of right now, I’m looking at Lord of the Rings Online, Champions Online, and possible Dungeons and Dragons Online.

I spent the weekend downloading patches for two of those games, but didn’t actually get to play them at all. I even went and made a brand new account for Champions Online, so as not to mix up my old characters with their new system in any way. I’m spinning my wheels a bit, trying to think of a 3rd F2P MMO that started as a subscription model, and the only one I come up with is D&D Online, which I kind of want to avoid as it would put two games from the same publisher on my role. I might be able to throw League of Legends in there, as I have been playing the heck out of it of late, but it’s not an MMO, so it’s applicability isn’t really air-tight. So, as it stands now, I may start looking for a F2P MMO that was designed that way from the onset, but it will need to be incredibly solid to be considered.

Ah! Brain flash. EQ2X! I’ve heard diametrically opposed opinions about this title, from old-time players absolutely hating it, but others flocking back to the game in droves, and that it’s been sucking the player base from live servers like a vampire on a hemophiliac. So, that could be a very strong contender for me, and would round out the situation nicely. A F2P that I played for years, a F2p that I played for months, and a F2P that I did the free-trial of. A nice level of balanced asymmetry for a review analysis.

Next on the operations schedule is: how do I proceed in doing this? Should I just play whatever the fancy strikes me? Should I focus on one at a time for some predetermined length. The left-brained, categorizing, type-A side of me wants everything laid out in neat little boxes for cataloging and reporting. The right-brained, artistic, fun-loving, slacker is shrugging a “Fuck-it, I do what I want” and getting distracted by a bright-shiney.

Excuse me, while my schizophrenia works itself out.

In the meantime, go make a Pandora channel for “Wallflowers” and be drawn back into the late ’90s and enjoy!

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2 Responses to Free you say?

  1. Tyanon says:

    LoL, while not a MMO, implements F2P really well imo. Worth trying too if you havent played it before as well.

    • Shadow says:

      Oh, I’ve been playing the hell out of LoL the last three weeks. I’m summoner level 15 now, and really enjoying Nidalee as a hero so far.

      But yeah, it’s F2P model is incredibly well done. It does the best job of providing pregression based power incremenets that are completely obtainable purely through gameplay. You can pay money to get *some* of them slightly faster, or you can use that money on cosmetics.

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