Incuring a Facelift

The colored dots are where Sansha has invaded.

I’ve been out of EVE the last week as a sick daughter (aka – Baby Vomit Dragon) has required gaming time with, to be blunt, people I don’t care about. It’s far easier to go /afk and disconnect a game of LoL with strangers than it is to suddenly bail on a fleet of corps-mates while doing a lo-sec roam. But, the last two nights, I’ve been able to put my daughter to bed at night at her typical time, and feel comfortable that she’ll stay asleep, and not vomit everywhere. So, when back in the game the VERY first thing I noticed was that the new character creator was implemented, and I had to update my portrait. The very second thing I remembered is that I never put together a video of the footage I took doing this. Self-condemnation set in, I’m a bad blogger. However, I’ll try to make amends for that a bit here, and may actually get around to editing that video in the future. Isn’t it nice how I can lie to myself like that? 

In all seriousness, the new character creator is a thing of beauty. The results are phenomenal, and the potential of it combined with the future release of Dust is monumental. The only real drawbacks are how limited you are on some choices depending on your faction choice, and also in the clothing selection. The former is something that is predicated by game-lore, so I’m totally okay with that. Each of the various factions and it’s sub-factions are meant to have a certain over-arching commonality, and that’s clearly evident in the character creator. The clothing choice, and lack of accessory or distinguishing features, is something that they seem to have planned to correct in the future. Lastly, I’m a bit confused as to why they have the player take portrait snap shots, but only use one for their display, and have no option to swap between them. It provides an odd sense of false flexibility. Perhaps it’s to be used in something down the line, but right now, it just feels out-of-place.

In addition to the continual piece-meal release of Incursion, this iteration saw the full-on implementation of Sansha’s nation invading systems. In one sector, Sinq Laison, over 500 ships were lost in an hour, and around 150 were lost in adjoining systems. There is a LOT of griping over the difficult/reward of the incursions on the forums, and it’s very hard for me to comment on it with any level of accuracy. You see, I’m not stupid enough to think that going into a major raid-style event with a pug of players of unknown ability or training is a good idea. I look forward to being able to go into one with my corp in the near future to see how it goes, but our main goal is PvP, so maybe we’ll see about hitting an incursion in hi-sec and taking out the carebears fighting off the nasty Nation. Or maybe I’ll go join a PUG fleet of multiple hundreds, and get flagged to Concord and cause a chain reaction of remote repairers’ getting blowed up.

I love when new systems get introduced to EVE (or any game), there is always the frustration of players as they deal with the difficulty of it, and are faced with apparent impossibility of success, only to have figured it all out in three weeks time and have the formula worked out to a “T”.

Either way you slice it, these next few weeks are going to be some serious fun.

Also, some visual stimulus.

The new me.

Be a capsuleer today! Some surgery required.


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3 Responses to Incuring a Facelift

  1. Sarigs says:

    You toon reminds me of George Michael!

  2. banking offshore says:

    The tool looks to allow players to mold essentially every nook and cranny of their avatars face and body to their hearts content..As CCP announced the Incursion expansion that the character creator was meant to be a part of has been slightly delayed and will be delivered as three separate releases the creator will launch with the final one some time in January 2011……

    (Shadow-war edit: appreciate the comment, but you’ll find the links removed)

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