This quote came from where?

[GAME] supports a lot of solo play. However, we want dungeons to be a group experience. In fact, we think the game is more fun overall when you play with friends, which is why we put so much effort into encouraging players to join guilds for [EXPANSION]. Running a hard dungeon with friends tends to be a much better experience. Communication feels less awkward, and everyone is generally more supportive of mistakes. You learn the strengths and weaknesses and nuances of players that you run with regularly. There tend to be fewer loot arguments as well. PUGs have their place — don’t get me wrong. But we don’t want to sacrifice dungeons being fun and challenging for organized groups in order to have everything be conquered by any possible group. Make sense?

If you guessed Warcraft without looking at blog-tags, good-on-ya! You guessed correctly, if you guessed that it came from some dev named “Ghostcrawler”, you’re more precisely correct. If you looked at the blog-tag, points for being perceptive, but no award for knowing the answer.

Yeah, I’m having a hard time believing it too. Nothing in the philosophy displayed by the development of WoW has led me to believe that the concept espoused in that quote is anything even near to the design-belief of that game. Then again, I’ve not played the newest expansion, and apparently the “Heroics” are actually difficult to just PUG your way through. The quote strikes me in much the same way as politicians asking for less heated rhetoric after telling the other party they would bring a gun to the next “fight”, or to sit in the back of the bus and shut-up. Sounds good on paper, but I’ll buy it when you actually follow through.

Quote courtesy of Screaming Monkey, who got it from forums.


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2 Responses to This quote came from where?

  1. Rancid says:

    Actually, Heroic dungeons in Cata are incredibly difficult. Sure, the top X% will always use the best gear, use Vent, put time in..etc

    Pugging a Heroic is generally an exercise in tedium. It doesn’t work nearly as well as other non-heroics.

    • Shadow says:

      That’s a good thing. Heroic dungeons (i.e. Hardmode) should not be something reliably finished with a PUG.

      Though, reading around more, it sounds like Blizzard has already started to scale back the difficulty on them.

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